Tuesday, March 30, 2010

What Does It Look Like...?

Family Meeting last night. Went pretty well. When Sweet Girl thanked Webby for something he hasn't done for awhile (& what she usually says) Webby asked her when he did that. She said, "well, sometimes." I asked her what she appreciated about him that happened this week. She thought of something. We went on to contributions. Last week's momTV was about contributions. So I took some of those tips and used them. I assigned contributions. Yes, I know. I want then to pick them but I'm still getting it together. I assigned Sweetie Heart the kitchen.

SH: What! The kitchen?! What do I have to do??
Me: What does a clean kitchen look like to you?
SH: ::Looks around:: The counters are cleaned off and wiped off. The sink is empty and clean.
Me: And the table?
SH: Cleaned off and wiped.
Me: Okay, that's what you need to do every morning and every night.
SH: I'm not clearing off other people's places!
Webby: I'll still help with the dishes.

I assigned Sweet Girl the bathroom. What does a clean bathroom look like to her?

SG: Scrub the bathtub, clean the toilet and sink. She also added on the trash.

This morning I reminded both girls that they needed to do their contributions. Sweetie Heart grumbled a little. Again stated she wasn't going to clear other people's places. To which I said okay. Sweet Girl said she needed me to teach her how to clean the toilet. She didn't but I humored her. I jumped in the shower while she finished that and cleaned the sink. When I was about to go downstairs Sweetie Heart came up. She said, "Just wait until you see the kitchen!" I want down and man oh man, she did a better job then I do most nights! I told her I appreciated her doing such a great job.

As I was assigning contributions, I assigned Webby floors and dishes. To which he responded. "Great! I loves to do those." Well, love might be a bit strong, but you get the point. I assigned myself the living room. It is the room that gets trashed the most. There is always stray stuff hanging around in there. Webby looked at me and said, "Oh man! I'm glad I didn't get the living room!" I said, "I know. I don't like doing it either, but it's my contribution for the week so I will." Good tip Vicki. Love it!

So this morning was a success! We even got out the door and to school on time! Yeah us!

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