Monday, June 30, 2008

And Me Without A Camara

And I even brought one! Can you believe it. I went on a trip and forgot to take pictures. Well, not forgot, really. I forgot to take my camera with me to my point of interest. And interesting it was! I'll have to up load some pictures from the internet. Until then I'll give you an update.

A friend invited me to go on a little weekend trip with her. ALONE! And that actually means that I didn't have the kids with me! Can you believe it!? I really didn't think I was going to be able to do it. I sat on the invitation for a few days before talking to Webby about it. He knew I wanted to go. And I did...bad. I love New York City. I don't know why. I've only been there 3 times in my life and I've hardly seen anything, but it still draws me to it. So when the invitation came, boy I wanted to go. My friend's sister has a place in Stamford, CT, so we were going to stay at her place and hang out with her. I wasn't sure if Webby was going to go for it. But he said he was supportive, if I really wanted to go. Then I looked at the calendar. Webby had committed to going to Boyscout Camp overnight on Friday. How I overlooked that, I don't know, probably because I wanted to go so bad. So I hung my head and accepted defeat. But Webby was up for the fight. All on his own he found an overnight sitter for the girls, cashed in some copper (or will soon) so I would have money and sent me on my way! I could hardly believe it...I was really going!

We left Friday evening and drove to Stamford. MapQuest sucks and took us the wrong way and it took us more than an hour longer to get there. It was after midnight when we got there and we met her sister at the bar she works at and stayed until 3am. Do you know how long it's been since I stayed up that late outside my own house? Well, let's just say a very long time. I don't even know. We slept till 10 the next morning. And let me just tell you it's been a long time since I wasn't woken up early to feed someone breakfast.

We took the train to Grand Central Station. WOW! What a beautiful building. I've never been there before. The ceiling has some star constellations painted on it. Really amazing and huge!

We then went to Time Square so that I could pick up some souvenirs for the girls and I swear to you I couldn't find anything. Nothing. There were a few people on corners, but not as many as I expected and everyone was selling adult hats and t-shirts and crystal figurines. Who would want to buy a crystal figurine? Well, those and watches and handbags. And you know me I'm a sucker for a handbag. And if you believe that you don't know me. We walked through the park and ended up at Columbus Circle and dropped into the Whole Foods, which I've actually been to before. Remember it was a Saturday afternoon, and the lines were literally across the store! And quite frankly, with like 40 checkout lines you don't really expect that.

After that we jumped on a train and headed to Battery Park, which had plenty of vendors that had kid's shirts and everything else I couldn't find in Time Square. I picked up a couple of t-shirts for the kids. The same, of course, because I didn't want to hear the whining about which was better. We saw the Statue of Liberty, some kids playing in a sprinkler thing that they have in the middle of the park and saw this. We didn't know what it was and decided that it was where they sacrificed pigeons. I guess what it really is makes more sense. I used to be this.

And then the skies opened up and it began to pour! We took cover in a wine shop...for like 20 minutes. I think that even if you're into wine, 20 minutes is a long time to hang out in a store looking at wine bottles. Across the street there was this statue of a Bull where tons of people had assembled before the monsoon ...I mean rain and took pictures. but I have no idea what that's all about. I read that it symbolizes the crash of the stock exchange but how does it relate? How it relates escapes me. Feel free to let me in on the secret.

After the rain cleared and the Bull people came back we walked up and through China Town. I was looking to buy some earrings and boy did I luck out. Just as we were getting to Little Italy we walked past a jewelry shop. They had a whole wall of earrings that were 50% off. I bought half a dozen pairs of dangly (how do you spell that?) earrings. Score for me! We wen to little Italy and my friends sister had her palm read. Little Italy was great. I'd like to go back again and spend more time there. You know, I am part Italian. I must feel a kinship there.

Then we walked up to the East Village to eat at the Lan Cafe. and Oh. My. Goodness! The food was amazing. The place was small (like 10 tables) and simple but the food was out of this world! My friend is a vegetarian and this place is Vegan, Vietnamese. It was amazing! Did I mention the food was good? Because it was! If you ever find yourself in the East Village stop in. Your taste buds will thank you. We hung out and walked around and took the train back to CT at 1am. We dozed on the train and feel into bed when we got home. And once again I slept until I woke up all on my own. And once again it was about 11am.

We drove home on Sunday and were only a little delayed by some accident. We had no idea how to get back to where we needed to be. We banded together with another car trying to get back to our state. I called Webby, my own personal GPS, and he helped us get back to the route we needed to be on.

Honestly, I expected thing to be a bit chaotic when I got home. I've only been away for the night/ weekend a couple of times. And I've never been away from Sweet Girl. The last time I went away I was 5 months pregnant with her and I went to NYC to visit a college friend. So it was a much needed vacation. Anyway, this were in order. Webby had the girls ready for bed and was reading stories when I came in. The house was clean and there was even dinner in the oven waiting for me. Webby did a great job keeping the girls entertained and feed. I'm so proud of him.

Thanks Jess for inviting me. I had a great time!

Thank you Webby for making this happen. I love you.

Friday, June 27, 2008

The Invisible Woman

I've seen this in a couple of places. So it's probably all over. But this really struck a cord with me. Let us be invisible.

I'll be invisible for the weekend. I'll let you in on the secret when I get back! Let your imagination go wild!

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

How Low Can You Go?

This past week has been fun. All sorts of things have happened. Of course, I'll probably not remember half of them. But the high lights....

Played in the rain. We bought Sweet Girl an umbrella this week. When given the choice, she chose the one just like sister's. The little shadow she is.

Sweetie heart learned to ride her two wheeler! We bought a balance bike a few weeks before Sweetie Heart's birthday. We bought it mostly for Sweet Girl, but also so Sweetie Heart could get her balance and move to her two wheeler. It worked like a charm! I love balance bikes. Why didn't I know about them earlier. We bought our from Glider Rider. We bought the Puky which is made in Germany, but the other looks pretty much like it and has a hand break. For much cheaper option look at Target.

She just got right on and went! She had so much confidence!

Now that, my friend, is sheer joy!

Webby showed off a talent I didn't know he had. LIMBO!

Here he is preparing for his big move!

And he makes it! My man has skilz!

And here are a couple of LDS finest missionaries! Mentally preparing for the daunting challenge!

Look at that, they made it! No mud on those shirts!

Their mothers should be proud!

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Pop Tart Fluff

Webby and I had way too much fun watching this and the others by Brian Regan. VEry funny and clean, which is a bonus. I'll try to post less fluff next week. Enjoy!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008


I had this great WFMW planned for this week. Of course, I was planning to do it this morning and post it this afternoon (how's that for planning.) However, we had a bit of a surprise, not in a good way.

Now I knew motherhood would be hard, but some days I feel like it comes to blows for me emotionally. Today was a doosey. I got up extra early (read 4:30am!) to make blueberry muffins for Webby. The batter was mixed and put in the fridge last night, so I just took it out, out it in the muffin tins and cooked. Since I was up I made bread, too. I make bread on a weekly basis, so this in and of itself is not amazing, doing it at 4:30 in the morning is. I was able to give a wakeful kiss to Webby before he left for work and even got showered before the girls got up.

When the girls get up I get them dressed and hair done before we go downstairs for breakfast. It's easier for me that way. When I took Sweetie Heart's nightgown off she had a rash all over her trunk and back, up her neck and on her theighs. It was really itchy. I gave her some Benadryl, and if you know me that's a really big deal. I tend not to medicate my children unless I absolutely feel it is necessary. My next door neighbor is an EMT so we went over there and she had a look. She said I should call the doctor and get her in today. So I did and we did. The rash in and of itself I guess wasn't that big of a deal, but when the doctor was listening to her heart he heard a substancial murmur. And because they presented at the same time he wanted to checked into. So we went for an Echocardiogram at the hospital. Now that hospital is 45 minutes away and remember I don't have a car, or the car seats (they're in the car.) Plus I'm worried and scared and so is she.

I called Webby and he came home. Here's the thing, he was supposed to be working 1.5 hours away this week, but things changed yesterday. He was actually working at the hospital we were going to. Now if this doesn't prove that Heavenly Father knows us and what we need, I don't know what does. So we whet up and everything went smoothly. The initail look at the ECG looks good. Might be a flutter. I looked like one as I watched the screen, but what do I know I've never seen a heart before. I wasn't supposed to hear back until Friday, but got the call from our local doctor about as soon as we walked in the door.

Sweetie Heart was a real trooper. She was so brave and trusting and cooperative. She was truly granted peace. So it seems all is well. We were gone almost all day. So, I'm headed to bed to read for a bit before I fall asleep with the book open. No one told me how hard it was going to be being a parent. It looks so easy when you're a kid. And yet, I wouldn't trade it for the world. They are my world and I love them!

So I'll save that WFMW for next week. Maybe I'll even do it tomorrow so it will be ready before Wednesday. Kiss those babies!

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Not much

So not much has been happening in our neck of the woods. We have only had a kindergarten recognition (graduation.) And a 6th birthday party with 6 friends. Webby's birthday. The last day of School. Lots of baking for said birthdays. You know, easy peasy! Sweetie Heart finished up Kindergarten last Wednesday. It was a full 4 days before everyone else. Here in our little city, they do a kindergarten screening. They meet with each parent to get input for next years placement and the kindergarten teachers get to work with the kids to see what they can do and where they think will be a good fit. Since school was supposed to be out last Wednesday, the screening remained the same. Webby was going camping Friday night so I needed to get to the store to get some party food. So we walked. Well, Sweetie Heart rode the new peddle-less bike we got and I pulled Sweet Girl in the wagon. I didn't need much so I thought I'd be fine walking. That's what I get for thinking. Here is the wagon. That little empty spot is where Sweet Girl rode AND she had to hold onto a watering can. Did I mention the grocery store is probably almost 2 miles...up hill both ways?

Can't imagine why Sweet Girl wouldn't stay in the wagon for the pictures.

I'm really big on structured parties. Probably just a control thing I've got going on. Webby says that structured parties are good because it teaches kid"s how to plan parties that have activities when they are older. This takes away the what are we going to do" parties that could get kids in trouble, if you get my drift. Not that I ever did anything like that. Anyway, I prepped some magic wands with paint and glitter. I made cupcakes and had candy and sprinkles for the kids to decorate those. And we bought marigolds for the kids to plant in small pots. The party was planned for 2 hours and after everything was said and done that was exactly how long everything took. Yeah, me! I did feed the kids lunch, but that was easy. Peanut butter and jam sandwiches, watermelon and grapes. Simple, and the kids ate it up.

So here are the pictures.

Friday, June 13, 2008

Of all things

I just want everyone who reads this to know that I received more comments on the ice on a stick post than on any of my other posts. I must be really lame.

In case you were wondering

You Are Pocahantas!
Image hosted by

Free-spirited and wise. You have a strong passionate spirit that touches and changes all who know you. The wisdom and common sense that you have is really what guides you through life. Even so, you also have a very playful side that loves adventure and excitement.

Which Disney Princess Are You?

Yes, well isn't that nice. I am apparently also fond of wearing little clothing, and getting involved with older men while I'm a teenager. Funny, I think they left that part out of Disney's version. Funny, too, that I even took that quiz because I don't even like Disney Princess movies. Well, Now you're already for Jeopardy. Go forth and win. And according to spell check they spelled Pocahontas wrong...just my luck.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

WFMW: Ice on a Stick

Well, that pretty much sums it up. Thanks for visiting...

Oh, you want more? All right...

My girls love to eat ice. I, however, do not have room to make ice in trays. I don't have a shelf in my freezer (why do they think it's a good idea to make freezers this way?) So I have everything stacked on top of each other this way and that. But like I said my kids like to eat ice, especially when it's 90+ degrees. They also don't like how cold the ice is in their hands. I don't like the fact that they keep spitting it out in their hands, have you ever seen a kid's hand. Yuck.

So the other day I had this fabulous idea. Really, it the stuff of a genius. I decided to make popsicles. Well, the kids didn't really like the popsicles, but then I thought, ice on a stick. I just filled the popsicle molds with water and froze them. Ta Da ice with a convenient holder. Kids don't get cold hands, I don't get grossed out and or find puddles of melted ice on the floor where it was abandoned. I picked my popsicle molds up at the Dollar Tree for...wait for it...a dollar! What a bargain. Sweet Girl loved it. And as an added bonus, if it melt too fast it just cools them off, no sticky mess to clean up. That's what works for me. To see what works for others visit Rocks in My Dryer.

Monday, June 9, 2008

Birthday Wishes

Today is Webby's birthday. Today he turns 33 years old. He was just a wink in his mother's eye when I was born. We spent so much of our lives living parallel lives. We passed in middle and high school hallways. Even had a class or two together. Our lives were connected before we even knew what was to come. He was friends with my brother and dad before we ever would have considered something. That something, far off as we passed, yet destined to be.

We were prepared for each other. And I waited maybe not so patiently for him to be ready to change his life, not asking him to, for me. And for our life together. I love him for all that he is and all that I know that he can become. Our lives are m=not perfect, bet we are perfect together. I love him more than I ever expected to love anyone. And know that I am loved more than I could ever imagine by him. He is the love of my life. He is a wonderful father. And we will be together forever. And for that I will every be grateful. Happy Birthday Webby, I love you.

Monday, June 2, 2008


What is your bloggy dream?

If your blog could do something for you what would it be? Would it bring you together with old friends, or new friends? Would it help you make money? Would it help you share something you believe in? Has your dream come true?

I want my blog to help me keep in touch with those I love and with those I would love to love, if I don't know you. I want my blog to help inspire someone or make someone laugh. I want my blog to reach out to someone and help them.

But my bloggy dream...shhh don't to meet new people all over the world. Now I have a dear friend in Tokyo, which is pretty cool. So there's one. But I want more. I'm selfish that way. I think it would be awesome to have friends everywhere I want to travel. For example, I love New York City. LOVE IT! So that would be cool. But even more than that I have this thing with Greece. I've never been to Greece, but I love greek food. I love what I hear of there language and the pictures I have seen of these towns. It just seems like a dream. I'd love to visit Finland, Fuji, Italy, I don't know. You tell me where you think I should visit and let me know if your Greek and want an American friend.

I guess this turned into a two part question: What is you bloggy dream and where would you visit if you could go anywhere?