Monday, March 8, 2010

A Face in Repose

I've been busy the last couple of days setting up environments for my kids to succeed. I'm moving stuff around. Doing my best to make the things that I have work. I'm kicking myself for not picking up that free desk on the curb the other day. It would have been perfect! I even tried to get it in the van but it wouldn't fit without me moving the kids around. I just couldn't do that right then. When I went back an hour later it was gone.

I'm looking for bunk beds for the girls room. There is no space for them to play in there at all. There is literally a foot of space between their beds and Sweet Girls mattress in on the floor. If we ever find one that is inexpensive enough for us, we will need another dresser, too. I would like to find one big one. But all of this stuff costs money and we don't have much to spare right now. I looking on craigslist right now. I have always hated the idea of bunk know the whole falling off and breaking arms and stuff. But Sweetie Heart broke her arm when she feel down a hill so I think I can navigate that if it were to happen again.

I am taking the Parenting on Track class again live. Vicki's not teaching it this time but she trained 4 women how to teach the program so I'm going to attend that while also watching the program Vicki's doing on momTV. I'm fully into this right now. Up to my ears immersed in it and I'm loving it.

This week at church we had a lesson about being a peacemaker. The challenge went out to be a peacemaker in your home for 1 week. We went so far as to challenge the young women I work with to do it for a month. We'll be checking in weekly to see what they are doing and how it is changing their family life. I am doing that too. I know that a lot of the tension in my home comes from me. I get stressed and my mood changes everyone. I am making a conscious effort to smile more. When you smile or frown it changes the way you feel. Read Blink to understand this better. My face in repose tends to frown, so I consciously have to lift my eyebrows and lips to smile. It really is helping though.

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