Wednesday, March 24, 2010

A Face in Repose ~ Revisited

The other day Squeak and I were at the library alone. The girls have yet to earn the privilege of going to the library. The responsibilities required to go to the library and check out books are to keep all books put away on the bookshelves or in the library book bin and to be ready to leave a place on time/ when I say.

I digress. Since I have been a volunteer at the library for the past 3 years I know most of the other volunteer and staff. There is this very cute 95 year old woman who volunteers every week. She probably 5'2" tops. I was holding Squeak and looking at books to see if there was anything of interest. Mabel walks past me, smacks me on the butt and says, pleasant as can be, "Get that scowl off your face!" Totally made me laugh!

Even though I am working really hard at smiling more, I still scowl when I'm not consciously smiling. It will take some time to retrain myself to smile. Apparently I need a little old lady to follow me around, smacking me on the butt to remind me not to scowl.

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