Wednesday, July 30, 2008

A Case of Mistaken Idenity

So yesterday we walked down to the bank. It's a little ways and Sweetie Heart was riding her fancy, schmancy new hand break bike. As we were walking home and up a hill, she rode ahead of us. As she was headed up the hill there was a young man, maybe early 20s, coming down. As he reached Sweet Girl and I he commented in a southern drawl that she was getting away from me. I commented something witty back, we smiled and went our way. I smiled to myself and thought, I may be 33 but I still have it. Not that I had it before.

And again, today. I was mowing the neighbor's lawn for her. The mower ran out of gas so I ran home to get more. After filling up I returned the gas can to our garage and walked back to my neighbors yard. As I was walking back a different, early 20's young man comes walking past. He looked to be in college, but there isn't a college in town so not really what I would have expected to see in town. Anyway, he smiles and says hi. I cast him a demure smile and went back to mowing the lawn thinking, man I really do still have it, two in one week. Wow, I must be hot!

Then I came inside and looked at myself in the mirror. Well. Let me set this up for you. My hair dryer stopped working this morning, just gave up the ghost last night and wouldn't come on. This hairstyle really needs to be blown dry with my barrel brush to look decent. But that wouldn't have mattered anyway because we rode our bikes over to a friends house today, so I had helmet hair. Plus it was hot and I had just mowed our own lawn so I was sweaty and flushed. Maybe I got a little ahead of myself thinking I was all that and a bag of chips. Maybe just the greasy chips. That sure did take the wind out of my sail.

Moral: Don't get a big head until you actually looked at in the mirror first.


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Maren said...

Hilarious! I've had those moments, myself.

Kelly said...

Mirrors lie! You are the hottie in your head! Are you really going to trust a piece of glass over your own intelligible grey matter? Come on!