Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Flash Back

Wow how she has changed! But the smile is the same. She's an amazingly happy child and she tends to get her nose involved in her smiles.

In this picture Sweetie Heart is about the same age that Sweet Girl is now (2.5 years.)
They are two very different girls.

In this picture I am 6 years old. The same age that Sweetie Heart is right now!
I loved that outfit. The vest was reversible. The skirt was two-toned with opposite fabric. I wore it every chance I got. My brother's shirt is something to write home about. This was 1980 folks and it was just beginning. Just wait until I upload some of my middle school pictures. You are in for a treat!


Sherry Carpet said...

i am surprised you didn't make any references to the truly outstanding hair--on everyone! i love this flashback! what a cute girl you were (and are).

Kelly said...

When I first scrolled down, my eyes breezed over the picture as I looked for text. Holy Cow! I thought your dad was Justin for a second! I gotta say the hair freaked me out a little! And, what's wrong with reversible vests? Twice the outfits, half the laundry - our mom's knew what they were doing!

Jen said...

Hi:) the girls are growing like little weeds!! And well i'll be using the part with your brother for christmas cards!!!!LOL
love to you and family