Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Round Two

First, I must say that Webby was a little disappointed that no one commented on his very funny guest post. I think he was checking daily to see who else thought he was as funny as he...I mean I do. And really, he can be very funny when he wants to be.

As I'm sure you have all noticed, I have been absent for over a week. There are a couple of excuses...I mean reasons for that. First off, Sweetie Heart was sick last week. And I'm talking all. week. long. It started with upset belly, progressed to vomiting every 5 to 15 minutes for 6 hours, and ended 6 days later with her feeling preachy keen. In the middle she would sleep, complain her belly hurt, throw up occasionally and play with her cousins. Which leads me to the other reason I was absent. Webby's brother and family were in town from Kentucky for a visit. It was a wonderful, fun filled trip. Unfortunately, Sweetie Heart didn't feel better until the day they left. That was really hard for her, but so it goes. She did come and play during the week for a bit and then wander off to take a nap.

The thing I like best about their vacations here is that we don't do anything special. We're not scheduled up with lots of things to do. We just hang out and the girls play. The girls get along famously, well the non-sisters get along great, the siblings still have their issues but that's nothing new. All on the girls have red hair and, in my opinion, favor their daddies. So they get mistaken as sisters when we are out together. I do have to say L (the one in the blue shirt) resembles her mom sans the curly hair. So here they are: E- 9 1/2, Sweetie Heart- 6, L- 8, & Sweet Girl 2 1/2. Very cute bunch! This is the first year that Sweet Girl was really about to fully participate in the playing. While Sweetie Heart was sleeping she basked in all the attention showered upon her by her older cousins.
Here we all are. It was raining so the back row was getting wet. I must admit I was none too pleased. Oh, and my sister-in-law is short, but not that short. she's stooped down and I'm standing up very straight and the boys are just finding a spot. It was great to have them here. We miss them. On another note about the trip E and Webby's brother were here for a race at Mt Snow. They were at the Norba Mountain Bike Championship....E got second in her age group...so she is the #2, 10 and under girl in the country! She has amazing energy and can keep up with her dad when they ride long distances. The two of them rode to the top on the mountain and still had energy to spare. L also did a race at Mt Snow, but is a dancer and was at a competition before they came for their vacation and . Her group did very well! Great Job Girls!

While they were here my sister-in-law and I escaped to go see The Dark Knight. All I can say is WOW! That is one amazing movie! You really should see it! If you need a reason, I think Heath Ledger's Joker was fanominal! And if you need another reason, really the most important reason, Christian Bale is reason enough. I love me some Christian. I've been in love with him since I was 13, that's 20 years folks! I think he is one of the most underrated actors of my day. One of my most favorite movies he did was Newsies. He sings and dances, I'm a total sucker for that. But me oh my, he is something else. He's in the new Terminator movie. I haven't actually seen any of the Terminator movies, but I might need to suddenly be a fan. My sister-in-law said they were actually pretty good. So with a little Christian it might be worth it. Of course, I'll need to Netflix it, since my local library has mostly old VHS. Of course, I'll need to sign up for Netflix first, and I'll need to find the money to pay for it. So if anyone is trying to think up a birthday present.... Webby just pointed out that the Terminator movies are rated-R and "maximum warfare" movies. Maybe not up my alley, but oh Christian. In my opinion there just wasn't enough of him in Batman.

In other, more important, news. Webby and I celebrated out 9 year anniversary yesterday. It seems hard to believe that we got married 9 years ago. It some ways it seems like just yesterday and in others it seems like we've been together forever. We will be together forever but it's only been 9 years so far. This past years has given us many great things and many hardships. Together we have celebrated and mourned, laughed and cried. We are stronger and closer than ever. Together I know that we can and will make it through anything. We are one in purpose, one in love and even though we don't always agree, we are in this together.

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Liz McCoy said...

beautiful family....love all those beautiful red heads!!!!!