Wednesday, July 9, 2008

WFMW: Freezing Bananas

Just this week I thought of this great idea. Really, I don't know how I do it. Anyway, summer and bananas just don't click. My bananas get too ripe, too fast, like within days of buying them. A few years ago I put them in the fridge. The peels turned brown but the bananas were fine. Well, I don't have the room right now. So I put them on top of the fridge until they start to get ripe and attract fruit flies. Then I have to try to get rid of the fruit flies. I hate it! I've been known to throw whole bananas into the freezer to use later to make banana bread. The other day Sweet Girl took one bite out of her banana and declared herself done. I didn't want to eat it, but I didn't want to waste it either. So I sliced it up, put it in a snack sized ziplock and threw it in the freezer. And this is why I'm amazing, now I can use the banana hassle free. I can put it in smoothies or thaw it for bread. Peeling a frozen banana is not all that fun, but this will work great! I ended up doing this for almost a whole bunch of bananas, but now they are there waiting to be used. My kids might even like them frozen on a hot day. So there you go. Frozen bananas.


Jodi said...

I do something similar - my banana bread recipe calls for 2 bananas, so when I have some that are a little too ripe to eat but perfect for bread, I peel them and put 2 bananas in a sandwich ziploc. I then put those sandwich ziplocs into a gallon freezer ziploc. Then when I'm ready to make bread, I can pull 1 sand bag out and let it thaw and be ready to go - way less mess! Love it!

Genny said...

We've done that too. Makes the smoothies great.

(Found your blog through Rocks in My Dryer...glad I stopped by.)