Monday, August 4, 2008

Make Mine fresh

This summer we signed up for a CSA, that's Community Supported Agriculture, to those who don't know. A CSA allows you to buy a "share" of the produce from someone else's garden. This is great if you rent, don't have the yard for a garden or just don't like gardening, but love fresh from the garden produce and it's a pretty good bargin to boot. This is pretty popular around here. There's a big "Buy Local" push here. Big surprise. So we're getting all this fresh produce and sometimes I'm not really sure what to do with it. Since tomorrow is our weekly pickup I needed use up a bunch (excuse the pun) of our, beginning to wilt anyway, produce.

Swiss Chard has not gone over well in the past. I've tried several different recipes, but no go. So tonight we tried Lentil Sour Soup. It wasn't bad, let's call it light. We also had fresh green beans made this way and they were delicious! I've also done the green beans with butter, salt and fresh dill, very good, but the girls didn't like them. And we had Kale Chips. Now I know those sound weird, but they are really, really good. Sweetie Heart and I tried them a while ago and she fell in love with them. When I saw kale in the CSA I knew exactly what to do with them. It use Spike Hot 'n Spicy, but I've done them with just the vinegar and salt too and they turned out great!

Usually when we eat there are sour faces, groans and voiced "I don't like that", but not tonight. Although the soup wasn't a favorite with the younger crowd, no one complained. Everyone ate and was fulfilled. Lentils are very nutritious and filling. I love them. The soup was a little bland at first, but seemed to just need more salt. Like I said before, it's a light soup, not one that's going to knock your socks off with flavors. I also used dried onion instead of fresh because they then to make us a bit... well musical if you get my drift. And if we've had onions I hope it doesn't drift your way.

I'm sitting here chucking. I slay myself!

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becca said...

how wa the basil cake?