Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Summer Crazies

Yes, that is what we are. Two out of the last 3 weeks we have had company. Swim lessons started and ended. We've had lots of late nights and lack of contributions getting done. But honestly, I get it. Who wants to work when there are people to play with and fun to be had. The girls did pretty well helping when asked. There was a bit of attitude, but I think it's kind of like the slumber party. They were showing off for their older cousins. And we've had a long weekend to recover...thankfully! But it was such a blast! We love having Webby's family over for a visit!

Swim lessons have always been a bit of a sore spot for me. My kids tend to fight me on them. I get frustrated and see red when they refuse to participate and learn. I didn't pay for them to sit on the side! I know...I know.... My kids didn't ask to take the lesson, I put them in against their will. But I have my own story about this. I never really learned how to swim. I can keep myself a float but I'm not confident at all. There were times that I bowed out of activities with friends because of it. There are things I will probably never do, like scuba dive, because of it. So I want my kids to learn to swim, plus it's a safety issue. So I keep putting them in.

After a couple of years of fighting me, Sweetie Heart is doing better. But she lacks confidence so she doesn't even do her best sometimes. She just sits on the side. Sweet Girl was okay the first couple of days, but then a daycare center signed up a bunch of kids and it went from 5 kids to 12+. That wasn't so good for her. I just kept taking them even though I was having a bunch of push back (I don't want to go! They don't even help! I'm not going!) I had to leave a few times. Really it's better that way because if I'm not there to see what they aren't doing then my blood doesn't boil. But of course, they want me to stay. Neither of them passed their levels. We'll give it a go again next year. I'm thinking about private lessons next year

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Sherry Carpet said...

our swim story sounds very much like yours. i didn't learn how to swim using the right technique until i took a class in college; as a kid i was too scared to get water up my nose. now we live in cali and the girls are always in the water, so i knew lessons would be a must. but ally went four lessons in a row without getting in the water and i cancelled. i am like you: i'd rather pay for private lessons than throw my money away completely.