Monday, June 21, 2010


Well, We just had the best time on Friday and Saturday! No...really! It was a blast.

Right before the party my dad called and gave me the best advice. He told me to relax and have fun. He also made me aware that Sweetie Heart was going to be dismissive towards me. But that she didn't really mean it, she would just be showing off to her friends. He also reminded me to remember how it I acted when I had parties as a kids. Great advice along with all the others I received! Thanks!

I realize that the dismissive-ness, eye-rolling, whatever attitude is a Button of mine, so keeping that in mind allowed me to keep my cool. Before the party started I ask Sweetie Heart what things were okay for Sweet Girl to be involved in. I asked Sweetie Heart to please tell me if Sweet Girl was too involved so that I could involve her elsewhere instead of hitting or yelling at her. That worked really well. Webby took Sweet Girl on a picnic dinner over to the playground and they stayed and played after. She came home later and decorated her cake with Webby and then watched the movie with the girls. He then took her on a backyard camp out with him. I really think it is key to have a plan on what to do with the other child(ren) in the house when one person is having a sleep over.

They started the party eating Popsicles and playing outside. I let go of control and made it a yes day. Can we have Popsicles before dinner? Yes. Can we have another one? Yes. For me to be okay I did have a few plans to keep them busy. I am not a crafty person. I cook! So I get kids involved with cooking stuff. The girls all made personal pizzas. While those were cooking they frosted and decorated mini 3 layer cakes, which was Sweetie Heart's idea. Decorating cupcakes has been something I have always done for a great craft/ time consuming party idea. That way the kids get cake the way they like it and then they can eat it! Very fun!

The kids played outside most of the evening and smeared chocolate on their faces at one point. I just smiled and took pictures. There was a ton of giggling and and loudness, which can get on my nerves, but again I just let go and smiled. I loved the advice I got from tealara and midwifemama, who told me to go with the flow and too look at how much fun they were having when I wanted to get frustrated. That helped me to stay cool.

I attempted to get them to settle in to bed at 11:20pm. Yeah...right! Try 1:45am! They kept getting up to play. I told them I didn't mind then staying up so long as they weren't loud. I did make them keep the lights off, which in retrospect I should have just let go. I came down a number of times to ask them to quiet down and to get back in bed. It's the biggest problem with having a small house.

I woke them at 7am to have breakfast. Monkey bread, scrambled eggs, cantaloupe, blueberries, and raspberries. Then they went back outside to play more. One girl came in to sneak some leftover candy. I handed it to her and said she could take it outside to share. I swear I saw more big eyes on faces last weekend. It was all so fun! Not that I want to do another this week. But when it's time, it'll be great!


MidwifeMama said...

This just makes me so happy! Look at those smiles. I feel happy envisioning you, letting go and saying Yes! Sounds like a party all those girls will remember. And thanks for the sibling tip.

Lori S. said...

Yayyy!! I'm so happy that you ALL had a good time! I love the concept of a "yes day" -- I need to adopt that idea for special days.

tealara said...

Congratulations!! I LOVE the chocolate-smeared faces!

It really sounds like having a plan and letting go were key elements (now I think about it, aren't those the key elements every day?)

I am inspired by your proactivity in talking with Sweetie Heart beforehand about having an awareness about Sweet Girl's involvement... I'm inspired by the whole story!