Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Do Nothing, Say Nothing...again

I am doing the program again. Yes, I am. Several of my bloggy friends are doing it, too. Thanks for the inspiration ladies! It's funny how a little moral support goes a long way.

This is a challenging week to start this. Sweetie Heart has art camp this week, so she needs to be at the school at 9am. Yesterday, I woke her up. She has a hard time getting herself up, or so I tell myself. This morning, however, when I went in she was laying in bed reading. don't know for how long. I did ask what time she wanted to leave so I could be ready and moved forward. I did what I needed to do so Squeak and I would be ready on time.

She moseyed down stairs at 8:15 am and asked if she could make puff pancake. I told her she didn't have time. Oops. Sweet Girl asked if she could make eggs. She did for her and her sister, but they weren't done until 8:35. This makes me absolutely CRAZY! She got done eating by the time she wanted to leave 8:50 but she still needed to brush her teeth, get a snack and water and out her shoes on. I told Sweet Girl to put her shoes on so we could go. She wanted to stay home. Uh, no. She's only almost 5. Then she could only find one of the shoes she wanted to wear and no other shoe would do. She screamed, cried and carried on for awhile. She had a pair of shoes on the porch so finally I pulled her out of the house, locked to door behind me and said we were leaving. She screamed for us to wait, pulled on her shoes and caught up.

Sweetie Heart complained that Sweet Girl was making her late! Now that really makes my blood boil. She had plenty of time to get and be ready on time, even early. She wasn't even ready until 9:05 and class starts at 9. But then she put the blame on someone else. This isn't new. It happened pretty often when she was late for school last year.

What I've realized the last few days is that I talk way too much! I am constantly reminding, asking, advising, hurrying etc. my kids. They ask for permission for everything! Can I have toast for breakfast. They tell me everything. I'm going to the bathroom. It makes DNSN week really hard. Am I supposed to answer them? I'm thinking not, but what's a girl to do?

They also do not clean up after themselves very well. They did keep it confined to their bedroom today so I won't complain. Webby came home and closed their door. I did ask them to stay out of my room because I don't want them to trash it.

We aren't abandoning the things that work. We still had family meeting this week and picked contributions. I haven't seen them get done yet though. Sweetie Heart has laundry and I anticipate that it won't get done this week. I'm ready to do the adult and Squeak's laundry when necessary. It may not effect them though because they have so many clothes. We shall see. Sweet Girl is on the menu so I asked her what we were having for dinner earlier today, since I make it. I made the soup and biscuits. When dinner time came she asked where the corn was. I told her I didn't remember because it wasn't written down. She went to write it down, she can't spell yet, by the way, but she likes to write down a bunch of letters.

So onward. Wish me luck. I think I'll break out the tape for tomorrow!

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MidwifeMama said...

Ah, good luck! So frustrating, I know! Keep reminding yourself it's only one week and it's for information-gathering, not necessarily for progress-making. Good for you for facing your own challenges.