Saturday, July 17, 2010

Day 6

Can't think of a witter title. Today has over all has been good. However...

There have been a few things that pushed me a bit too far. First off Sweetie Heart tried to pants me, well technically it was skirt me. Thankfully we were at home. She thought it was oh so funny, Me? Not so much. Second and probably third and so on, I went to have some lunch. When I went to the kitchen the table was covered with their breakfast/ snack remnants. So I piled them all up on their places. They didn't like that much. Sweetie Heart says, "These are my scissors. They are yours."

me:Yes, but you used them last.
SH: No, I didn't
me:yes you did to open the berry package.
SH:no I didn't Sweet Girls did
me: no she didn't I say you use them
SH: no I didn't

It goes on. Yes, I entangled with her. I stopped and closed my eyes to ask a blessing on my lunch. While my eyes were closed she put the scissors close to my ear and opened and shut the quickly a couple of times. I snatched them out of her hand and threw them across the room. (Yes, I know.) "You broke them!" she said. I was fuming. As calmly as possible I ask her if she could think of a reason why I wouldn't like that. No. I got up and went out to the porch to eat my lunch. She closed the door behind and and locked it. She's been doing this for a few months trying to get my goat. I just pretend I don't notice and wait for her to get bored and open the door. Today was no different.

This girl is screaming for attention! Any kind will do.

This evening we noticed some bruises on Sweet Girl's arm. Webby look quizzically, and it dawned on me, Sweet Heart has been pinching Sweet Girl when she gets mad at her. I hate this. It really stinks. I just read the blog post Vicki recommended. Boy does it hit me right in the gut!

This evening I asked how her contribution was going.

sh: It's not.
me: why not?
SH: I've been busy with stuff.
Webby: Like what?
SH: Art camp, playing, reading.... It's boring.
Webby: We can help you to be less busy.
me: What would happen if I was too busy to make dinner?
SH: I'd make some.

Not doing laundry did finally catch up with her tonight. She needed to shower but didn't have any clean underwear to change into. So she came down to ask if I had any. It's not my contribution I reminded her. So she decided she wasn't going to shower because "what's the use if she was going to have to put on dirty underwear!" Okay. Rinse and repeat. Finally, she asked how long it would take to was and dry a load of laundry. So here she sit and almost 10pm waiting for her underwear to get done drying so she can go to bed. She's tired, she knows she is. But don't worry she's got a good book to keep her company. Webby and I are headed to bed. It will be interesting to see what she does being up alone.

Maybe I'll try that.

At dinner time there was an even bigger mess at the table. I moved everything to the girls places and set the table for Webby and myself. Sweet Girl came in and started whining. About how much stuff was on her place. "It's too hard." She whined. This is her new catch phrase. She uses it whenever a task looks big or she doesn't want to do it. I told it she just needed to move on thing at a time. (directing, I know) She did it and set her place. She didn't want to eat dinner and asked to be excused, she said she was tired and went upstairs to play. Later she showed up dressed to ride her bike, she wasn't tired after all.

Lots of good stuff too, I just can't think right now.

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tealara said...

Thank you for your honesty. I so know that frustration of which you speak (and I have certainly thrown my share of objects at those moments.) I'm tired, too, so I don't have wonderful advice just now, but just know I'm thinking about you and sending love.