Thursday, July 15, 2010


This morning Sweetie Heart said to me, "I love do nothing. say nothing week because you don't nag me and your not bossy." Well, there you have it. I know the kids love the freedom to do or not do.

Yesterday, we pretty good. Sweetie Heart got to art camp on time. We went to the library for lunch. On the way home I asked them what they wanted to do. "GO TO THE POOL!" So I asked if they could be ready in 20 minutes. You bet! They were ready before I was. They came in and changed into their swim suits in the living room, leaving their clothes scattered. The couch was filled with board games Sweet Girl got out but didn't play or put away. There was still breakfast dishes on the table. But off we went and we had a great time staying cool in the pool.

When we got home I fixed dinner. The menu hasn't gotten done yet. Sweet Girl talks about it, seems all she wants is buttery noodles, pasta and soup. The first couple of days this week I asked her what we were having and then fixed it at the last minute. I decided this was too much interfering so I was just going to make what I wanted if she didn't tell me ahead of time. So last night I made beans, collard greens and rice with kale chips. They loved the rice ans kale chips, not so much the beans and greens. Webby had them eat some. When Sweet Girl didn't finish her rice they had a bit of a stand off that ended with her dropping her bowl and breaking it.

Webby mentioned he was going to put her to bed early because he didn't want to deal with her. I so get this. I even do this sometimes when he's not home. I asked not to make it feel like a punishment. I needed to go to an activity with the young women that I go to church with so I left. Upon my return I asked how things went. He said they all played games until it was time for bed. And then they put themselves to bed.

I think a big trigger for Webby and I is waste. We have a tight food budget, so when we see the kids waste so much food it drives us crazy. When we see them eat a half of a loaf of bread and a stick of butter in a day, it drives us crazy. When we see them take a bunch of food and then not finish it, well you get the point. We rent right now and have a very small yard, so we don't compost. It all just goes in the garbage. The other thing is responsibility for their stuff. They just get done and seem to drop stuff where ever. We have a small place so when this happens it effects everyone.

The other night their room was trashed. I was just happy it was in their room and no the living room. In the past we have made them pick up their room every day. I let it go and didn't say anything. Webby came home and saw it and asked me if this was really acceptable to them. I said apparently. So he shut the door and didn't say another word about it! Yea, Webby! He's doing DNSN in his own way. The girls know that we will not go in and tuck them in at night if the floor is messy. At bed time Sweetie Heart came to me and said, "Sweet Girl's stuff is all over the floor and I can barely get to the ladder to get to my bed!" :( I asked her what she could do and she walked off. When I went in to check on them before I went to bed the floor was clean! Now it might be under the bed or in the closet but it was clean enough for me not to trip when giving them a kiss.

Another observation I made this week is that Sweet Girl always wants me to help her. She do stuff by herself and sometimes she does, but often she asks for help. When she needs help with stuff she only wants me to help her. Not Webby or her sister, only me even if I am unavailable or unwilling to help. AND she's willing to scream, cry or wait until I can or will help her. Funny though, if I won't help her and she throws a tantrum, she usually stalks off to her room crying about fairness, calms down then comes down to apologize.

Well, that's all for now!

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