Thursday, April 8, 2010

Making It Work

I've been doing my best to encourage Sweetie Heart write down lists of the things she needs to to every day. Sometimes she will write stuff down, but then she doesn't look at the list or cross things off. She still forgets to look at it or even do it unless I remind (read tell) her. She gets distracted from the very thing that is supposed to help her to not get distracted.

I realize that I need to do a little more modeling of behavior. The kids pick up my...ahem bad...behavior why do the good stuff too. Lists help me stay organized and remember things I need to do. I love crossing stuff off a list. Making the list is the hard thing. Huh, it appears she is just like me.

So I taped an overhead sheet to my refrigerator and have been making lists on it all morning. Maybe if she sees me doing it she'll want to do it too.

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