Monday, April 19, 2010

A Little Story

This afternoon we finally put together Sweetie Hearts "favorite outfits." She asked me again to make sure that I would keep at least one of them clean for her at all times. She had no qualms putting her dirty shirt in the laundry tonight.

As we were going through the clothes and getting rid of some she doesn't want anymore, Sweet Girl was bouncing on her bed and entertaining herself. She's great at that! We weren't really paying much attention to her or what she was doing. Then I heard her say, "Who wrote an H on the wall? I didn't do it" I looked up to see he a big capital H written on the wall on brown colored pencil. I looked over at her and she was holding a brown colored pencil. She repeated, "I didn't do it. Someone came in and wrote on the wall."

She's been doing quite a bit of blaming others when she does something she shouldn't or thinks she might get in trouble for. She says her grandma did it (invisible friend), or blame it on an actual friend saying they just left or did it the last time they were here and we just now noticed. In the past both the writing on the wall and the lying would have sent me into a lecture about how we aren't supposed to have coloring stuff upstairs (for this very reason), how now she was going to have to clean it up (which she did have to do) and it would really be to make her feel bad. Today was different. Maybe Vicki was on my shoulder. I just looked at her and said that I knew that she did in and that she needed to get an eraser to clean it off the wall. She went and got an eraser and said she tried to do it. I'm going to assume she actually did try, but I wouldn't bet the bank on it. Then she asked me for help. I got a different eraser and we went back to the wall. I erased a little to show her it worked. She asked for the eraser and took over. I never did go back to see how it went. Guess I'll check in the morning.

How was that for firm but kind!


Sherry Carpet said...

good one! i love moments like that. thanks for sharing it.

Anonymous said...

Sarah, it must be a stage...Derek does the same thing. I had thought it was for attention so when I act indifferent to it he eventually stops!! One thing that I have changed over the past few months was having them clean up after their own messes...I used to do it for them-progress!