Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Tip Tuesday

Yes, it's Tuesday. I've have a busy weekend with my in-laws in town. It was not as painful as it could have been. I chose it to be that way. We had fun playing together. They did a little landscaping, as they always do, to our rented lawn. They visited a nursery and bought flowers to take back to Ohio and plant in their gardens. We visited an out door museum of sorts. Hard to explain without giving our location. Lots of old building, an old cruise ship out of the water, and a Mary Cassatt exhibit. Very fun.

They left this morning. So I'm tired and was trying to think of a tip. Them the mail came and I got a catalog that I have never ordered from. I hate that! But in that comes my tip!

Tip Tuesday
I came across this web site last year and it really works. It allows you to set up an account and unsubscribe to catalogs as you wish. It even allows you to enter your Customer # and Key code so it can stop all other catalogs. And it really works! We were getting so many catalogs it really made me mad. I would call and they would "take me off" and then I'd be getting them for people who used to live here. Plus we get catalogs for Webby's dad with our address on them. We'll I just signed up and there hasn't been a problem. They don't come anymore. I love it. I love that it helps the environment, too. Yes, recycling is great, but not having to is better.

The site, I know you've been waiting, is Catalog Choice. Try it, you won't be disappointed!

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Liz McCoy said...

thanks for the tip! I think i've heard of something like this before...probably the same site. I wonder if I already did use it??? hmm we haven't been getting too many magazines and catalogs lately so yippie for that.

we do of course still get lots of junk mail and flyers.

But I like the coupons.