Friday, August 29, 2008

Parenting on Purpose

I just read this blog post and it really resonated with me. Sometimes I do so much that I feel like my kids get in the way when they want to help. But if I keep saying no they will stop asking. Then when I ask them to help they won't want to. I had kids on purpose, now I need to parent on purpose, but not just on purpose, with purpose. It's easy to coexist with your kids, but what have I done with them to help them learn life skills.

On of my major beefs with feminism is that it has made it so that learning how to run a home and raise children a thing that is, if not looked down on, thought of as unimportant. I know how to do stuff. I can make bread and keep a schedule for laundry and dinner. I can grocery shop and keep the kids clean. I can even clean a house (when I want to.) But I never learned how to balance all that out. I never learned how to run a house. I blame society on that. As life has gotten easier the home and family have gone by the way side. So I struggle to make it all work together and each day I get a little better. However, I am doing exactly what was done to me. I am not taking the opportunity to teach my children how to run a home, how to make it all work together and thereby I'm doing my children a disservice. I need to be better.

I love your suggestions on how you make your life easier and how you balance your life.


Liz McCoy said...

great thoughts!! it does get you thinking and stopping and paying attention a bit more to HOW we parent.

I'm working hard to declutter my house so that I can better manage the home in a smaller amount of time allowing me more time to PLAY with jack.

I'm also trying to get back on a meal schedule so that I can not waste time thinking about what's for dinner and just MAKE it!

I'm a work in progress that's for sure!!! But there was only one PERFECT human being J.C. and I don't have to be perfect (thanks God!!) I can just be my BEST and I really really really do try to achieve my best every day!!!

and if I don't I just lift it to my heavenly Father and try harder next time.

becca said...

i WANT to manage my house, but i have a tough situation; coexisting with in-laws and so on. i find that i have just given up. "it's not my house so why bother? i'll do better when it's my own house". i know that i should and need to keep a clean house to feel good mentally, but now my house is so far gone that i can't declutter. i can barely acomplish the day to day chores. cody swares he will take the kids for a walk after work but it's only happened once. eek! help. i told you today that i don't get anything done around the house because i'm too busy enjoying my kids and resting when they rest. that is true but honestly, i've given up. the other day DH mom said "i could help you clean, but i don't" i replied corsely "thanks"