Monday, September 22, 2008

Webby's: 10 years ago and still here

10 years ago: a server with a knee that wouldn't bend, learning that there was more to life than living, trying to convince a choice, faithful girl that i was not her choice or her faith (i was wrong), travelling here on a silver Honda Silverwing (before they were glorified scooters), enjoying the company of friends.

Today's to do: spend some morning time with the girls, chastise the computer for undoing my efforts (while being grateful for the work), get excited about what little i could grasp about ohm's law and electrical fundamentals (in school after work), plan a mountain bike ride for the 'morrow, drink colloidal silver (silver being the best electrical conductor - don't believe the gold hype) to avoid pneumonia and subsequent suffocation.

Snacks are really just a question of: sweet, starch, salt, spice and or...did i mention starch?

$1,000,000? maybe i'd buy Morgan Stanley, i just like the sound of it! Or, perhaps i'd just give them and JP Morgan what i owe them, then take some practical measures to protect myself from their plans.

Obviously i have lived in the previously mentioned places, so i'll add: Columbus, OH (no, really!), in a State Forest in southern Illinois (ok, only for a looong weekend), Laatzen, Deutchland, on a motorcycle/in a Palapa in Mexico (well...maybe that was just a vacation), & in the now.

Jobs i've had? You'd have to pay me to count them all up. But i can freely say: if it's a restaurant job (but not fast food), i've done it; driving which doesn't require a special license - yes; selling stuff (or non-stuff) like insurance, electronic components, movies (only for a short time i promise), and homes (only a few - hence not my profession); installing alarms in homes and throwing boxes destined to be delivered to homes are a few things which readily come to mind. Oh, and i did flip burgers in a 50's style American Diner (Mel's Diner) in Germany with James, my nearest-to compatriot from England and a handful of happy to have known folks from all over that side of the world.

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