Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Tip Tuesday

Tip Tuesday
Healthy Breakfast

How many times have you served or eaten cold cereal for breakfast. My answer would be more times then I care to mention. At the beginning of last school year I decided that I would be that great mom that got up early and made a yummy, healthy breakfast every morning. Well, that progressed into a "if we have enough time" to make something healthy. And since I have one of the s l o w e s t children in the world, we ate cold cereal breakfast most mornings. I really did try. It just got too time consuming and, quite frankly, I wasn't getting up early enough to do it.

Now it is the beginning of the school year once again. I have the lofty goal of getting up early and putting a healthy breakfast on the table. I also want to get up early enough to get other things done, like praying, scripture study, chores, so that I can have more fun during the day with Sweet Girl. But I know myself and know that there will be days I don't get up early enough. Cold cereal is quite expensive, though, so I don't really want to rely on that. There was a time, before Sweetie Heart started school, that I had a plan. Actually, it was more of a schedule; Monday & Friday we had eggs and toast
, Sunday & Thursday we had cold cereal, Tuesday & Saturday we had hot Cereal and Wednesday we had pancakes. I actually had a schedule for all the meals and snacks. This was right after Sweet Girl was born. I did it out of necessity, not because I was super organized. But it is really helpful. I do it for dinners now, but think I might go back to it.

So on to the tip. Here's a way to have a healthy breakfast even if there isn't much time. I make pancakes and waffles and freeze them. In the morning I can pull a couple out and toast them. I usually require that one of them has peanut butter on it so there is a little so that there is a little protein. It also makes a complete meal is you take the time the make some eggs. I also will make muffins or a quick bread the night before and serve that in the morning or send it for morning snack. They have morning snack at the school so I try to be creative in what I send. We love this Pumpkin Waffle recipe! I nix the soy yogurt and replace the soy milk with rice (due to allergies.) I've even used just water and replace half the all purpose flour with whole wheat. It's a really versatile recipe so play around with it. It's really good.

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