Monday, June 2, 2008


What is your bloggy dream?

If your blog could do something for you what would it be? Would it bring you together with old friends, or new friends? Would it help you make money? Would it help you share something you believe in? Has your dream come true?

I want my blog to help me keep in touch with those I love and with those I would love to love, if I don't know you. I want my blog to help inspire someone or make someone laugh. I want my blog to reach out to someone and help them.

But my bloggy dream...shhh don't to meet new people all over the world. Now I have a dear friend in Tokyo, which is pretty cool. So there's one. But I want more. I'm selfish that way. I think it would be awesome to have friends everywhere I want to travel. For example, I love New York City. LOVE IT! So that would be cool. But even more than that I have this thing with Greece. I've never been to Greece, but I love greek food. I love what I hear of there language and the pictures I have seen of these towns. It just seems like a dream. I'd love to visit Finland, Fuji, Italy, I don't know. You tell me where you think I should visit and let me know if your Greek and want an American friend.

I guess this turned into a two part question: What is you bloggy dream and where would you visit if you could go anywhere?


Sherry Carpet said...

i dream of the popularity i never had in high school. or grade school or college. or ever. :-)


Maren said...

If I could go anywhere... hmm.... I would really love to revisit some of the places I've been before: Norway, Egypt, England, France, Hawaii, Banff (in Canada). I would also like to visit the Netherlands, Denmark, Iceland, Nova Scotia, Fiji, British Columbia, Morocco, Tunisia, and the Seychelles. Just to name a few.