Tuesday, June 24, 2008

How Low Can You Go?

This past week has been fun. All sorts of things have happened. Of course, I'll probably not remember half of them. But the high lights....

Played in the rain. We bought Sweet Girl an umbrella this week. When given the choice, she chose the one just like sister's. The little shadow she is.

Sweetie heart learned to ride her two wheeler! We bought a balance bike a few weeks before Sweetie Heart's birthday. We bought it mostly for Sweet Girl, but also so Sweetie Heart could get her balance and move to her two wheeler. It worked like a charm! I love balance bikes. Why didn't I know about them earlier. We bought our from Glider Rider. We bought the Puky which is made in Germany, but the other looks pretty much like it and has a hand break. For much cheaper option look at Target.

She just got right on and went! She had so much confidence!

Now that, my friend, is sheer joy!

Webby showed off a talent I didn't know he had. LIMBO!

Here he is preparing for his big move!

And he makes it! My man has skilz!

And here are a couple of LDS finest missionaries! Mentally preparing for the daunting challenge!

Look at that, they made it! No mud on those shirts!

Their mothers should be proud!

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Jen said...

HA! I found you, you blogging queen. Now you are in trouble.