Friday, May 30, 2008


Mondays and Fridays are my laundry days. I do lights on Monday and darks and whites on Friday. I have a beautiful front loader, not the way expensive kind, just a regular Frigidaire. It is great. I love to hang my clothes on the line. I think I got this from my grandmother. She did it all and helped take care of us. What I remember more than anything about her is that she had this really old ringer washer and that she hung her clothes to dry. She had a great unfinished basement that even had metal bracket things so she could put up a line when it was winter or raining. We thought that washer was great and lots of fun. What is was, was a lot of work not to mention that it ringers broke buttons. But she was content with it.

I don't mind the laundry. I put it on the line the way I want it to come off and fold it was I take it down. So each person's stuff is hanging together and similar items are together. Yes, it's a bit OCD I know but it works.

What I hate is ironing. I know it is easier now then it was before. and I even have the option to not iron, but I still hate it. I have put stuff aside for months before waiting to iron. Once I even had my husband ask where all his button up shirts were. It had been like 2 months since he had seen them. But I still buy things that need ironing and I try to do it once a week. So now, since everyone was asking how I felt about ironing, I've answered that profound question. Go out into the world and use that knowledge carefully.

I liked this about ironing.

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