Monday, June 9, 2008

Birthday Wishes

Today is Webby's birthday. Today he turns 33 years old. He was just a wink in his mother's eye when I was born. We spent so much of our lives living parallel lives. We passed in middle and high school hallways. Even had a class or two together. Our lives were connected before we even knew what was to come. He was friends with my brother and dad before we ever would have considered something. That something, far off as we passed, yet destined to be.

We were prepared for each other. And I waited maybe not so patiently for him to be ready to change his life, not asking him to, for me. And for our life together. I love him for all that he is and all that I know that he can become. Our lives are m=not perfect, bet we are perfect together. I love him more than I ever expected to love anyone. And know that I am loved more than I could ever imagine by him. He is the love of my life. He is a wonderful father. And we will be together forever. And for that I will every be grateful. Happy Birthday Webby, I love you.


Sherry Carpet said...

happy birthday, justin! thanks for making the cobra toe such a happy girl ~ we all know she deserves it!

Kelly said...

schmooopie, I love what you wrote to Justin - it's sooo sweet. But, what do you mean when you say you didn't wait patiently? I slept in the same room with you for years and I don't remember you ever being impatient about boys/men!! Love you!