Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Tip Tuesday

This tip is especially for you ladies out there. Not that a husband shouldn't do it. But we women and mother's so seldom take the time to do it. We need to make it a priority.

So my tip for this week is...

Yes, you! Take a break! If you can fanagle it, leave the house and stay away for a few days (and night!) Now that my friend is a break. Especially for all you moms out there. With baby number three coming along in September it's going to be at least a year and a half before I'm going to be able to take off overnight alone.

So some good friends from church (all moms with more than one kid) decided it was time to take a little break. We live close enough to Boston that it seemed like the most exciting place to go. There is also a temple for our church there. Webby worked extra that week so he had Friday off to take care of the kids while I packed my bags, jumped into Ms. A's van and took off into the great blue yonder. On the way we stopped at an L.L. Bean Outlet where everyone got something. Well, I didn't; L.L. Bean doesn't really cater to pregnant women. We checked into the hotel, freshened up and went to the Boston Temple for the evening! What a great way to spend the evening.

Ms. J's husband graciously paid for our suite in Cambridge, Mass. It was a great place! We had a double suite, with a king size bed, pullout couch, stove, full size refrigerator, and a massive hot breakfast provided in the morning. Now I'm talking eggs, bacon, hash browns, yogurt, fresh fruit, pastries, cereal, bagels, juice.... It's a better breakfast than I normally have, that's for sure. So we had an abnormally large breakfast and we hit the streets. We grabbed a bus to Harvard Square and then grabbed the T downtown. What did we do? I don't really know. We walked around Boston Common, rode the T some more, went on a ferry ride to a battle ship, but didn't get off to see it; We just wanted to ride the ferry! And we took pictures. Actually, I didn't take any pictures. I never do. So I left the camera at home and let others take the pictures. Here is Ms. L and I waiting for the ferry ride. Not bad for a 20 weeks pregnant woman and a woman with balance issues, huh?! On a pier no less!

Mostly it was just a bunch of silliness and it was great. We stayed up too late pampering ourselves and each other. We ate a bunch of junk food. We watched a chick flick. We showed sides of ourselves that we wouldn't show normally and saw sides of each other! And laughed and laughed! We fed our souls in so many ways! It was what we all needed! So ladies find some friends and take a break. It is so worth it to be able to be unencumbered by life and just pretend we are young and single again. Not that I don't love my family. Yet it helps my family for me to be away just for a few days.

And I must put in that we ate at this amazing Greek resturant. Oh, it was sooooo good!! It was almost an accident that we found it. I saw it out the window of our bus when we were going to Harvard Square in the morning. We were running out of time so we didn't get to Little Italy to get lunch. We figured that we would find something closer to the hotel. We were on the bus and a couple of us (not me) thought we had gone past the hotel. So we quickly got off and looked around. Look a Greek restaurant! It didn't look like much from the outside, but when we walked in they were speaking Greek to eachother. Local Greeks came in for a bit. It was to die for! If you are ever in Cambridge, Mass stop into the Greek Corner Restaurant for a Sampler Plate Appetiser and a Corner's Special GYRO with the greek salad. Oh, it was so good! They even have two locations, Greek Corner II is in Harvard Square if that's more convient for you.

So take a break and have some fun with the girls!


Sherry Carpet said...

I wish I'd thought of this about 5 months ago! So glad you had such a great time with good company.

Sarah said...

When I go on my next one you'll be at the top of my list! You'd love all my friends here and hopefully I'll be able to afford to travel by then!

Liz McCoy said...

sounds like a great trip!! I agree breaks are nice!