Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Tip Tuesday

Sorry about last week's tip. I know there are certain people out there who anxiously await my tips. You know...because I am a wealth of knowledge. Well, I at least know what works for me. So I share that wealth with you.

I know you've been waiting for the rest of the laundry tips so here it goes:
The Dryer Edition!

Drying clothes is relatively uneventful and there isn't much you can do to make it any easier then throwing you wet clothes into the dryer. BUT if you use a clothes line there is so much you can do to make it easier. So here's my tip for the line.

As I empty the washing machine I separate the clothes into piles according to whose clothes they are. I use a small laundry basket, one corner for each person. I take the basket out to the line. I start with whomever's stuff is going to take the longest to dry. My lines are off my back porch and on pulleys, very nice and convenient. I don't have to move down the line like my grandma did. Anyway, I put all the shirts on, then pants, pajamas, socks, underwear. Then on to the next person's stuff. This may seem tedious and unnecessary, but you're talking to the person who organizes her groceries on the belt according to how she wants her bags packed. It also makes it easier when the clothes are coming off the line. Each item gets taken off the line, folded and put into a neat pile, ready to go into the drawer! In sweetie Hearts case I put her dry clothes in her laundry basket. Sweetie Heart is 6 so she is in charge of folding and putting away her own laundry the day it is done. Sweet Girl helps put her clothes away.

When I use the dryer I adopt the same philosophy. I take the clothes out and fold them right away. That way I don't have to keep touching the same stuff over and over again. And honestly, I only do all of this because if I put unfolded laundry in a basket it often does not get folded. Everyone is wearing wrinkly clothes and digging through baskets looking for what they want to wear. Then clothes end up on the floor and it's all bad news!

So that's pretty much it for the drying. I don't use fabric softener, I don't like melted plastic on my clothes and it gets on my diapers making them waterproof. Not so good when the purpose is to actually catch pee, not repel it. So there you have it. Until next time....

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becca said...

i can tell that we are related by this post. i also sort my groceries on the belt. i also like to fold the laundry fresh out of the dryer(especially on cold days)b/c otherwise it never gets done! if i didn't read it on your blog i would have thought i had writen it!LOL