Thursday, October 2, 2008


Not that Lost. I'm a fan, too, but it won't be on again until next year.

No, the other lost. Sweetie Heart lost her first tooth! She woke up Saturday with it hanging out. It seem the roots on the inside had let go, but the in the front were hanging tough. It look very funny with the tooth tipping forward. It was like a cartoon. She wiggled it, she asked me to pull it out. I tried...kind of. So Sunday evening I went to Institute ( we study the scriptures on a more academic level then in church Sunday School.) Right at the end I got a call from Webby. Sweetie Hearts tooth came out...well he pulled it. HE PULLED IT?! She wanted him to, so he did it. It bled a bit. He called to ask the protocol for a lost tooth. Is there a protocol for a lost tooth? I don't remember anything from my formative years about that. So the tooth fairy came. She must have run out of the gold Hiawatha dollar coins so she left 4 quarters instead. Inflation is something else. I remember when I was little I got one quarter for a tooth. It might have gone up to fifty cents but not more than that. How much does the tooth fairy pay at your house?

We have gone apple picking a couple of times so far this fall. It's been a lot of fun. The girls just love picking apples off the tree. Very different then the grocery. It also good for them to see when their food actually comes from. I hoping to rent a community garden spot next year so we can grow our own vegetables this year. Monday when we went apple again many of the low apples had been picked so they had ladders out. Both Sweetie Heart and Sweet girl wanted to climb the ladder to pick apples. How fun is that. A great deal of fun if you're not scared. Sweetie Heart was a bit on the fearful side. She was alright if she didn't get up too high, AND if someone on the ladder with her. Sweet Girl on the other hand was fearless. She ran over to the ladder and climbed to the top. Now that made me a bit fearful, but Webby was right behind her. How different 2 kids can be.

As you can see from the pictures, Sweetie Heart is about 4 rungs from the top and probably had to be asked to let go with one hand to get the picture. Sweet Girl just climbed right up to the top and wanted to go further. Just hangin' out at the top with all those apple.


Anonymous said...

these apples are is likewise amazing how different two apples can be, despite all their similarities...what wonderful creations we all a matter of fact they are...-Webby

Liz McCoy said...

great photos!! soo cool about the tooth...I have no clue about what the going rate is around here....hopefully we have a few years till that is an issue. of course i can't remember what it was like when i was little but i'm sure it wasn't much. (obviously the tooth fairy didn't make a lasting impact on me LOL)

the apple picking looks like LOTS of fun!!!