Thursday, November 8, 2007

What about Christmas?

With all the recalls I'm afraid of what is already in the house let alone bringing more China made palstic or lead filled paint into our home. Thankfully we tend to not give too many toys and other gifts at Christmas. I absolutely love Magic Cabin but they are a bit expensive. However, if you plan to buy less then you can spend more on better toys. I tend to give clothes, pajamas, books, educational games and a toy. Here is a great list of lead free retailers or you can look at my side bar for a list as well. You could also make some gifts. I found some cute ideas at Angry Chicken she also has a list on non China made toy retailers. Look at the cute home made toys. They look like they are pretty easy to make and inexpensive too. I'm thinking about making the super simple doll house and the clothes pin dolls. Maybe we can get ideas from others. Over here Don't Try This At Home will be hosting a holiday shopping carnival next week. so check that out too.So what are you going to do about Christmas, or any other gift giving holiday, this year?

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