Thursday, November 1, 2007

One Year...

One year ago we made a tremendous leap of faith. We sold our home and moved. We didn't just move, we moved away from our families. We moved away from our friends. We moved away from what we knew. We moved to New England without my husband having a job. We didn't have an apartment until a week before we moved. We sold our house even though we lost money. Why? you ask me. Well, that's where the faith comes in. We moved here becuase we were supposed to. It isn't that we didn't have the desire to move here, we have wanted to move to New England for five years. Whenever DH said we should move, I reasoned that now was not the time. Whenever I said we should move, DH reasoned why we should wait. Like I said this went on for 5 years!

A year ago this past April, we began to really feel that maybe it was finally time. We came for vacation and we knew! We just knew it was time. And why not now? Our children weren't in school yet. We finally realized that we don't have to retire to life the life we want. We want to raise our children in a small town. We want to live a slower, simpler life. When we lived in Ohio, or any other of the bigger cities we've lived in, I felt so busy. I was driving somewhere practically on a daily basis. I went to 2-3 grocery stores each week because I had about 10 within a 5 minute drive. There was always something to do or some where to go, and I went and did.

When we moved here we sold my husbands car. I completely shut him down the first time he suggested it. How could I get around without a car? How would I survive? The second time he suggested it I shut him down again, but then decided to hear him out. He reasoned that I was too busy. That I was too busy because I could be. We had been making inspired decisions since deciding to move so I agreed to the sale of his car on two conditions.... First, we had to live in town, a town with a library, grocery store, a bank...all the necessities. Second, if it wasn't working out with one car we would get another. I was skeptical that it would work. Do you know what happened, I found out that a simpler life is so much better. This past year I have walked with the kids pretty much every where. We live in a small town, blocks from town so nothing is more then a 20 minute walk. I've been cold, I've been hot, I've been wet with rain and sweat, and I have gotten exercise almost everyday. I've stayed in shape. I've gotten out in the sun and soaked up the vitamon D. I've stayed home and gotten things done and done nothing but play with the kids. I have realized that there are very few occasions that I have actually needed a car.

We came home from vacation and I started to pack up the house. We put our house on the market and waited...and waited...and waited. We came to a stand still. We questioned why it was taking so long. When the buyers walked in the door, I knew they would buy our place. When they withdrew their offer, I still knew they were our buyer. I have always been the one in the backseat when it comes to this kind of thing. Tell me when to show up to sign the papers and I'll be there. Do not ask me to negotate. But in this case, my husband worked at night, so I had the relationship with the other realtor. I had been prepared to make the negotations. The Issue? A furnace. If you've ever replaced a furnace you kow how expensive they can be. It was replaced and I called the realtor. As DH says, I have a more calming disposition (when I want to.) So I was able to get things Back on track. Yes, we lost money on the sale, not just from the furnace but from renovations. Was it a tough decision, yes! But when you know that you are supposed to do something you have to do it. When the path has been prepared, you have to walk it. Sometimes it's about walking into the darkness, in faith, knowing that you are being lead into the light. I lived a year being so inspired. It was wonderful. I am not as inspired now as I was then, but I don't need to be. I was filled to over flowing when I needed it the most. And now I am reaping the blessings of following the path our Heavenly Father knew we needed to walk. I can see why we have lived every where we have lived. I see how the Lord used me to help others who needed me and how others have helped me. I have walked some very dark paths with friends, only to have come with them back to the light. Most of all I have learned and experienced the things that will continue to bless my life and allow me to bless the lives of others. I do not pretend to be perfect. I am very far from that. I am trying, though, to be the best I can be. I make mistakes and I repent and try to be better. May we all live the inspired lives we were ment to live.

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