Monday, May 17, 2010


Can we go camping tonight? That was the question that was asked Friday night. Well...why not! I don't really camp but if Webby was willing, I had no problem with it. So they three of them camped in the back yard and had a blast!

We're making memories here!

Sweetie Heart asked ma anther interesting question the other night. She said, "What would you do if I failed (did bad) in school." I'm trying to remember if she used the word failed. I dug a little deeper. Asked a few questions: what subject, are you doing bad at school? Apparently it was just a general question. I'm sure she is doing fine at school. The question was an "all of school" question. I sat down with her and told her we would need to change a few things. First thing we would do is sit down and talk about why she wasn't doing well. We would need to problem solve from there. Things would have to change a little though. She wouldn't be able to activities after school, except for mentoring. During mentoring she would need to work on homework instead of playing. She would need to come home after school and do homework every night and not play first. She might need also tutor.

Interesting question though. I wonder why she asked it. It may go to the root of acceptance for her. She wants/ needs to know that no matter what we will love her and be by her side. If this ever happens I hope that I can stay calm and not react poorly. I hope I can go into it as matter-of-factly as I did when answering her question.

Squeak is doing great! He is growing like crazy! He really is an amazing little man. He's 8 months now, how time has flown. He started saying "mama" about a month ago. He says "dada" a little too. But then the kids call Webby "papa" so we'll have to listen for that later. He's just started moving about on the floor. He's got the pushing himself backward thing down pretty well. He's lets me know when he's backed himself up against something by short little cries. He's also sitting up some and can turn himself in a circle when he's on his belly. He's showing us how un-baby proof the house is. He can now see what he wants, get himself there and pull stuff down so he can chew on it. He also has the cutest laugh and loves to play peek-a-boo!

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