Friday, December 4, 2009


So here we are at the end of the year. It was 62 degrees yesterday! It reminds me of 3 years ago when we moved here. We had a very mild winter until February when it dumped 24 inches in 24 hours. I'd never seen that much snow in my life. It has been a wonderful last 3 years here in New England. Read my post about how we got here.

Squeak is doing really well. He's growing like a weed...a well fed weed. He grew 2 inches in a month! He is now 12lbs 11 oz and 25 inches tall! My how he has grown and changed! Here are more pictures of all of us.

The past few months have been good. We had a visit from Webby's parents at the end of October. We all had a great time and they got to go trick-or-treating with the girls.

Sweet Girl has proven herself a true outdoors man. She and Webby went for a hike up Reptile Mountain. She hiked all the way up with Webby and it only took them 15-20 minutes more than if Webby was going alone! She loved it and has decided that now she wants to hike a mountain much, much bigger. One that took me hours to hike and it was rough all the way up.

Sweet Girl and I played a little game that she made up the other day. It's called the Appreciation Game. Here is how you play. One person says, "I appreciate..." and then tells you what they appreciate about you. Then you say back, "I appreciate..." and then you tell them what you appreciate about them. Sometimes you get to take 2 turns in a row! How fun is that!!

The other day I was listen to my ipod. Sweet Girl asked if she could listen. I told her is was talking not music. She looked at me and, shaking her head and pointing, said, "Oh, it's Vicki on there." Later we were talking and she was talking about someone but couldn't remember the name. She was trying to figure out the name and said, "Who is it that you love? Oh, right Vicki!" Last night after we put the kids to bed a friend came over. Of course, I hear their bedroom door open and out pops both girls. Sweetie Heart asked who it was here. I told her and she said, "Oh, I've only heard Vicki's voice a couple of times, but I thought it was her." And Of course, Sweet Girl said, "I thought it was Vicki!" Seems like Vicki should just go ahead and move in, everyone just loves her!

Sweetie Heart is doing well in school. It's been hard for me to let go of her responsibilities at school. But I'm doing my best to allow for natural consequences. She's doing well. She came home the other day telling me a boy in her class finally admitted it. He L's her! and 2 other girls in her class. Heaven help me. She has had boys liking her since she was in kindergarten! she is continuing to pursue her art and has taken a few classes here at a local art studio.

So all is well with us. Hopefully I will post again before too long. But if not, Have a very merry Christmas!

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