Wednesday, August 19, 2009

On The Move

First family picture in a long time.

so I've been meaning to blog for two or so months. But life has gotten in the way. Sweetie Heart and Sweet Girl had swim lessons. Those fell right in the middle of the day and it seemed like I couldn't get anything done because of it. One week off and Sweetie Heart had Art Camp 9am-12pm. So I needed to drop her off and pick her up. And since I'm still walking most places, and that now takes a little while, it didn't give me much time at home to get stuff done. Plus last week, on top of Art Camp, we were preparing to go to Boston! Yes, we went on a little vacation! It was only for a couple of days, but it was one of the best two days we've had!

We left early Friday morning so we could drop off the girls at a friend's house and headed to the Boston Temple to be with a friend who is preparing to go on a mission to Des Moines, Iowa. All the traveling went smoothly! It was amazing. It was an amazing experience and I'm so glad we were able to go.

On Saturday we went to a little beach on Plum Island. Now they only let so many people on this section of the island at a time. Our friends told us about this great area at the end where they only have 40 parking spaces. The beach is on a little inlet. As we were driving back we saw all these cars coming out. But there was no way to know if there would be any parking or how long we would have to wait for someone to leave. As luck would have it, well more power of positive thinking, we went back and although there were cars waiting in the upper lot as we pulled back to the lot closer to the beach two cars left!

Sweet Girl enjoying the wildlife.

We walked down and it was wonderful! The water was as clear as could be. There weren't huge waves so we didn't have to worry about the kids being overwhelmed or drown by them. AND because there are only 40 parking spots and it was a pretty big beach everyone have a section of the beach to themselves. We just let all the kids play and lounged and swam in the water. We found tons of live clams that we collected and took home to eat! The shelve was huge too. I swear, I just kept walking out and the deepest it got was up to my waist! I haven't been to the ocean since I was 18. I love the ocean and I'm so glad we were able to go before the baby is born.

Sweetie Heart with the sand castle Webby & the kids made.
In the moat is the zoo with sea snails and hermit crabs in it.

There have been lots of requests for a baby update. So here it is.

I'm having one. The End

Just kidding. Things are going well. I have less than a month to go and I'm feeling really pregnant. Of course, some people still are asking if I'm pregnant or others say I look really great for how far along I am. All I have to say to both is that I'm tall and carry it well.

My feet are beginning to swell a bit. Not anything big...well besides my feet. Most of the swelling goes down while I sleep, but after a full day they are swollen and I have to get off of them.

Baby is super active almost all the time! Big Mover this one. Speak of the devil, there s/he goes again.

Anyone up for a baby pool. You guess the baby's birthday and am or pm. I will send the winner something, sometime! How's that sound??

Here are a few things to take in account:
  • I'm almost 37 weeks
  • Baby has not engaged/ dropped yet
  • Due date, according to me, is September 15th
  • School started September 2nd
  • Birth supplies and tub liner just got delivered
  • I have all the stuff for the birth ready to go
  • Sweetie Heart (1st baby) was 1 week early, but we moved and it sent me onto early labor
  • Sweet Girl (2nd baby) was 20 minutes early. No really she was born at 11:50pm the day before she was due
How does that sound? What do you think? All the birth supplies that I ordered just arrived today and I have all the birth supplies ready to go. Thus insuring that I go over my due date, right??

Your guess is as good as mine but my date for the pool is September 5, pm.

Join the fun and enjoy the belly picture.
Are the polka dots me? I was given this swimsuit from a friend, but I'm told polka dots are back in style.


Dorothy said...

4 things.
-First: "Hi!!" (from the other side of town)
-Second: you look great (saw you and littlest walking to the library the other day. Did you have to dig a hole in the sand for your belly in that sweet picture?
-Third: Cheater! You picked the hours following the full moon! (I was gonna do that!)
-Fourth: I'm gonna say September 12th a.m. And I don't need a prize, I just wanna hold that little babe when (s)he gets here, for like an HOUR!

teresaaranguiz said...

OK, I'm putting in my bid for September 13th. A.M. Sometime between 9:30 and 11:30 :)

teresaaranguiz said...

MOM says on the 10th, A.M. :)

Maren said...

September 18, am. I'm not trying to be difficult, that's just what I think. I still love you!

Buckeye Bergs said...

My first two were early also. My third one was late. So I am guessing September 16 at 2 pm.

I love the polka dots! You look better in a swimsuit nine months pregnant than I look right now!

The beach sounds fun! We need to get our kids there again.

Lorilee said...

Yeah, I was gonna ask how you were able to lie down on your tummy for that picture. Digging a hole would be a good idea. LOL Great family pic! Glad you got a vacation. What fun it must have been. The polka dots look terrific too!
Well, my birthday is on Sept. 18th, but SOMEONE ;) already took that day, so I say Sept. 17th, am.

Enjoy your last couple of weeks (easy to say- almost impossible to do, I know) and I wish I could be there to hold your tiny little one when he! is born. :D

The Queen said...

Hm. September 14, 9pm. It's going to be a boy. Or a girl. Definitely one or the other. It's going to have flaming red hair and be wicked smart and much loved.

Mrs. Mordecai said...

Wow, so exciting! The final countdown is so fun. Good luck with everything