Friday, August 21, 2009

Wiggle Room

So I had my second midwifery appointment for the week today. Since I was gone last Friday we rescheduled for Monday. They had already planned to have the back up midwife come for today so we kept today's appointment. My other midwife is also pregnant and due at the end of September. So if I went late (Maren!) and she went early we'd need a back up. They always like to have us meet before something like that happens. But really at that point does it really matter? I'm giving birth, I just want someone else there to catch it!

Old Stats:
  • I'm almost 37 weeks
  • Baby has not engaged/ dropped yet
  • Due date, according to me, is September 15th
  • School started September 2nd
  • Birth supplies and tub liner just got delivered
  • I have all the stuff for the birth ready to go
  • Sweetie Heart (1st baby) was 1 week early, but we moved and it sent me onto early labor
  • Sweet Girl (2nd baby) was 20 minutes early. No really she was born at 11:50pm the day before she was due
New Stats:

  • I Am now 37 weeks
  • I'm actually feeling my Braxton-Hicks contractions
  • My uterus went from measuring 36.5 cm Monday to 35 cm today (Friday)
  • The baby's head had plenty of wiggle room on Monday and very little today
  • I've gained about 2lb from 2 weeks ago (forgot to weigh myself for Monday)
  • Picked up some really cute boy clothes at a clothes swap on Wednesday (thus insuring it's a girl)
  • We have a girl's name picked out, but are not settled on a boy's name (thus insuring it's a boy)


becca said...

how fun & exciting! i am afraid to call because i don't want to interupt labor. secret i do...

Maren said...

Hey- I'm saying late, thus ensuring it's early! Really, I'm on your side.