Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Baby Update

I actually started this update on Friday when I had my check up. But it ended up out of control with past birth experiences and the like and I really didn't feel like it was worth posting. So I posted nothing. But my sister's been nagging me...not really, but I am doing it for her. So here it is.

Everything is great! I'm at 25 weeks. It's hard to believe I'm that far already. It seems like just this morning I was throwing up. Oh wait it was.... Don't ask me why. I drank a glass of water, that was it, and it came right back up. Luckily, I hadn't eaten yet. Funny how we say things like that when we're pregnant.

Anyway, I went to my check up. She measured me etc. She said everything looked good. she could now feel the baby's body part. Baby is bottom up, head down, feet to the left side of my body. That must be why I feel most of the action on that side of my body!

I'm feeling really good. Slowing down a bit. It's harder when you walk everywhere. I find that I am walking slower already. I probably haven't walked this much during either of my other pregnancies. I do it now because I don't really have a choice. One car family = walking. It's not bad, I actually enjoy being in the sun. the spring has been pretty mild. It's getting through the summer that might be tough. I figure I was in Kentucky for Sweetie Heart's pregnancy and birth (June) and it gets pretty hot and humid there early. I was in Ohio for Sweet Girl's pregnancy and birth (October!) and let's just say I used the A/C quite a bit. Because, man it was hot and humid! But my experience with New England summers is that they get hot for a couple of weeks, it rains and cools back down for a couple of weeks, rinse and repeat. So, yes it gets a bit hot but it's not for long. I think I can make it! One of my midwives is due at the end of September. She's planning to be at the births up to the point she delivers.

School's not out for another week and a half. We will have swim lessons for two weeks, Webby's parents will be here for a week and Sweetie Heart has Art Camp for a week. And since it's summer smack down time, it should be fun getting into our new routine. I'll blog about that later.

So to sum up, everything is great! Have a great summer!


Liz McCoy said...

you look fantastic!!! so exciting yes summer can be rough. Go to walmart and get a water bottle with a fan that mists you and keeps you cool it was soo nice to have that at disney.

becca said...

thank you for the pictures & update! i am so sad that i don't get to see you prego, so i have to experience it virtually! you look so cute, healthy, and happy! i heard that exercising makes for an easier labor. you'll have to let me know! it might be a myth like nursing helps you loose weight! lots of love!