Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Catching my breath...

As both of my readers have noticed, I have fallen off the blogging wagon. Not really fallen off, just drug a little. And since my cousin requested that I blog more often I will try to do so. I do have a very good excuse, the dog ate my blog...wait, no that won't work. I have been on a bit of a vacation, if you want to call driving for two days each way with two kids under 6 a vacation. We went back to Ohio for bit of a visit. Since Webby and I are both from Ohio (actually we graduated together, but that's a story for a different day, and you've probably already heard it anyway) and haven't been back since we moved away a year and a half ago, we figured that now was to time to go. Sweetie Heart had a break from school so we decided to take an exciting vacation back to the land of our birth. It was a great trip with lots of family visits and a few friends too. Unfortunately, when traveling back to a place that you have actually lived, one week is no where near enough time to see everyone you that want. It really stinks that it worked out that way. We did get to see a few friends, but not near enough. If you are a friend in Ohio and I didn't get to see you, I am very sorry. I really did want to, there just wasn't the time. However, consider yourself personally invited to come and visit us and have our undivided attention.

The kids really do travel well. Just as long as I pack enough snacks and stuff to do. Our car was completely packed. On the way home from vacation even more so. My amazing husband is a very creative car packer. He ended up stuffing things under the seats and in with the spare tire. Of course all the foot wells, except for the drivers (that's just unsafe), were filled with stuff as well.

We stopped in PA to visit my sister and her family and meet her newest little one. Very cute. Here are some pictures of my girls with cousins on both sides.

I think that first one really show the different personalities of the kids the best.

When we got to PA my sister informed me that she wanted to come, too. Then after seeing the girls play together she called our mom and asked if they could come too. Well, you can imagine what a grandma would say to the opportunity to have all of her grandchildren together. We had a marvelous time. Big D had a great time playing with her older cousins and little C cried, but also got held a lot by everyone. And I got puked on... 5 times in one evening. Oh the joys of babies. But they do smell good, don't they?

We got to visit with the H family in Ohio. They really are like family. We walked in and she started giving me clothes for Sweet Girl and even some stuff for me! And I must say it feels pretty good to fit into stuff that used to be hers. I love D like a sister and wish they would move closer to me, like right next door. Or even in my town. That would be okay, too. Here's the beautiful D now.

And don't you love the computer growing out of her head. I took that picture myself. Don't I have me some mad skilz?

We went to the zoo. Whet for a mini train ride at the zoo. Went for a ride on a really fast carousel that scared the dickens out of Sweet Girl and probably scarred her for life. Drove through the Pittsburgh ghetto because they closed the interstate for weekend road work. It was a ton of fun, but I need a vacation from my vacation now.

On both ends of the trip we stopped and stayed at Chez Hults. They are great people and are up to having us invade their space and camp out on there floor whenever we're in town. Here's a great picture of their twins and our girls.

I think I'll do a post later with just pictures. There are just too many from which to choose. (How's that for creative wordage. I'm trying to not end my sentences with prepositional phrases. Mostly because I have two friends that are writers and I can see their faces cringe whenever I do.)

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Liz McCoy said...

Looks like a whirlwind trip full of fun adventures!!!!

I hope we all get to meet up sometime soon in Ohio.