Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Report Reflects Life

I just love this!!  It is the first report that Sweet Girl wrote.  Apparently this is part of the kindergarten curriculum.  Looks like they chose a picture then wrote what they know about it.  The last sentence made me smile.   She chose a picture of markers.  This is what it say (in case you can't read it):
Rt Stuf (Art Stuff)
You can mac pichs. (You can make pictures.)
You can culr With Them. (You can color with them.)
You can Filin Them. (You can fill in them.)

(And my favorite)
You have to pt them uwa. (You have to put them away.)

If you can't tell that is a BOLD period at the end of that sentence.
I had a good chuckle when I read that last sentence.  How many kids would write that as part of their report?  Fun stuff!

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sherry carpet said...

they've been taught well! see what a perfect mom you are to your daughters (and sons)?