Thursday, February 2, 2012

Reading and Reflections

This is a guest post from Webby

I love this picture.

Here we see the power of connection between teacher and student, transcendent of subject, building on a legacy of trust and service.

Elder Johnson, as with his companion, and countless, yet numbered unto God, other Missionaries have profoundly influenced and blessed our family. Through their devoted service, whether scrubbing our basement walls, showing forth the love of God by sharing a story with one of His daughters, or encouraging us to consider and work for the eternal welfare of ourselves and our neighbors; the will of Our Father in Heaven is manifest.

Sweetie Heart, 2 in this picture, is now 9 and has a strong, increasing desire to serve as a Missionary in due time; with such wonderful influences as the many Missionaries we have been privileged to serve and share time with, it is easy to understand – if you haven’t recently had Missionaries to your home to eat a meal and share testimony of the Savior, I implore you to do so, and promise blessings if you will. The other day, Sweetie Heart brought this picture to Mama, which inspired a search resulting in this discovery: last fall, Brother Johnson, now a soldier, still serving in the way he has undoubtedly been directed by the Lord; returned to his beautiful family from a time in Iraq – here is the link to pictures that shared this happy news with us. How grateful we are to see him with such blessings as an eternal companion and children. Without being name specific, we have prayed much for the welfare of him and his family. We are grateful for the abundance granted us, and for those who serve to preserve such as we enjoy – may we all strive to give more freely and more freedom to all.

Next guest post: Service coordination between Vermont and Zimbabwe.

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