Thursday, February 4, 2010

Get a Tissue

Here's another wonderful message. Good luck keeping your eyes dry.

Here's what I am realizing. As I let go of my control. Look deeper at the way I am and why. I am discovering who I can be....who I want to be. That person is different. That person laughs more, loves stronger and enjoys the moment because she knows it is the moments that make a life truly fulfilling. Like the message in the video, the events are great but the ordinary, everyday is the stuff is miraculous. And too soon you are saying goodbye and welcome to adulthood and still worrying if you prepared them enough. We spend so much time protecting them and holding them back when they are young. Trying to keep them young, when in fact, from the day they are born they are moving away from you. Now is the time to teach and encourage and love to the fullest. And as we let go and teach we pull our children closer because they trust that we are not going to hold them back.


Maren said...
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Maren said...

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I share your sentiments. In fact, I made an image and a poem about the idea of letting your kids go so they can grow. See: