Thursday, February 26, 2009

Unexpected Visitor

We just have a great visit from a friend of a friend. A dear friend and old college roommate sent her son's class project to us! Here's the letter we got with it. The P.S. made me laugh. So whether freely chosen or just by the virtue of living outside of Utah we got Flat Stanley (in an envelope, but that doesn't make as fun of a picture.)

Imagine my surprise when I found this in the mail. That's right, Flat Stanley! I know that you are all jealous! We had so much fun with him in our Little City. He got here just in time for out Winter Break! So both girls were able to have fun with him!

He was able to go to Art Camp with Sweetie Heart. Here he is posing with her completed piece of art work. He enjoyed watching all the kids work intently on their art projects.

The next day we all went up to out local library for story time. We heard stories about trucks and were able to do another art project. Here is Flat Stanley with Mrs. G (our Children's Librarian), Sweetie Heart, and Sweet Girl. He had a great time looking at all the books and meeting all the new people!!

This is how he got around. Our town is small so we walk everywhere, not to mention that we don't have a car during the day. The backpack rides allowed him to have a great view of everything. Our town is about 2 square miles. Down town is only 3 blocks long. It's a great town and a very peaceful place to live. I enjoy the simplicity we have found here. I believe Flat Stanley did as well.

Thank you Mr. C for let choosing us to be a part of this fun project. I hope the project for the whole class goes well and that everyone has had a great time! Flat Stanley is on his way to my sister's home in Pennsylvania. I hope he has as much fun there as he did here!


Liz McCoy said...

flat stanleys are soo much fun!! and you all were such great hosts :)

becca said...

i can't wait till he gets to our house!

Buckeye Bergs said...

I am jealous of your small town!