Tuesday, February 3, 2009

25 Random Things About Me

1. I love cool shoes. My favorites of all time were my military jump boots and my black and white wingtips.

2. My favorite band is Barenaked Ladies. I saw them in concert at a small club TWICE when I was in college and met them!

3. I home birthed both my kids and love it!

4. I sang, with my choir, at Carnegie Hall when I was in high school.

5. I've known my husband since middle school, but he was the last person I ever thought about dating let alone marrying!

6. My birthday is 9/6 and my husband's birthday is 6/9. I'm older by 9 months!

7. I live in a house full of redheads.

8. I use song lyrics and answers to questions whenever possible. Sometimes I have to contain myself. I also change lyrics to fit a situation and sing about it.

9. I can't type worth crap. Actually, I'm usually just one letter off to the left or right, top or bottom.

10. I love working in libraries. My favorite job was as a shelver at the BYU library. I found many kindred spirits there.

11. I used to be know for my hats and the weird way I dressed. As quoted from a girl I knew in college when someone asked who I was, "You know Sarah. Everyone knows Sarah."

12. From birth to 18 I lived in 3 "houses", all in the same city. From 18-34 I've lived in 13 different different "houses" in 4 different states.

13. I've moved 8 times in 9.5 years of marriage, which accounts for 8 of those moves.

14. I love green curry.

15. I want to visit/ live in Greece.

16. Every night before my youngest goes to bed she has to "kiss all over the place" (in this order: neck, chin, nose, left cheek, right cheek, left eye, right eye, forehead, top of head) and if we get out of order we have to start all over.

17. My oldest is an artist, not sure where she gets it from.

18. I'm more popular with teenagers now that I'm in my 30s then I was when I was actually a teenager.

19. I don't have a TV, microwave or toaster in our house, on purpose!

20. I watch 2 programs, on the Internet, House and LOST.

21. I loved watching Gilligan's Island when I was a kid.

22. I can't swim very well.

23. I love the ocean and big thunderstorms.

24. I've never been to the west coast.

25. I've only had 2 boyfriends. Actually, only one. The second one, we went from being friends to engaged too quickly to count it as dating. :)


Noakes said...

I'm so glad you said something. I tried to send you our Christmas card but it came back. email me your email address and I'll invite you. I'm excited to check out your blog and see what you guys have been up to

AMY said...

Hey Sarah! It was fun to read your 25 random things... I did the same game on facebook. You have a lot of fun facts about you! How are you guys doing?