Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Hey old lady!

The other morning sweetie heart was getting ready for school. It was raining a little bit and I told her to get her umbrella. It's one of those kid sized umbrellas with a hooked end.

Sweetie Heart: (hunching up a bit with umbrella hook side up) I'm an old woman.

me: Put on your backpack.

SH: But old women...yeah old woman wear backpacks.

me: They do?

SH: Yeah, you wear a backpack.

me: (chuckle) So...I'm an old woman?

SH: Well... you're an old lady.

me: Thanks, young lady.

So I guess to a 5.75 year old, an almost 34 is an old lady. So here's to all you old ladies out there. May you become an old woman in many years. Of course, to my daughter that might be next year. Here's a picture of the old lady now, taken by the young lady (if you couldn't tell by the angle.) That's her art in the back ground.

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