Monday, November 14, 2011

Parenting On Track eBook Review

I am honored to be ask to give a review of Vicki Hoefle's eBook, Real Parents. Real Progress, (available for download for your Kindle, Nook, ipad or as a pdf) that will launch on November 17th!

First, I was excited to hear that Vicki was writing an eBook! Vicki is incredibly down to earth and honest about parenting. She shares her own struggles and mistakes and is an amazing person and resource. She is down and dirty and very, very honest.

The basic layout of this book is great. It gives a basic overview of each chapter of the Parenting on Track Program, asks you a question and then breaks the page before beginning stories from real life parents using the program on the next page. I love that the question is right there, begging you to look for the answer within yourself without feeling rushed to keep reading. At the same time, you feel compelled to keep reading because you want to hear how other families answered the question.

This book is inspiring. As a mother, a wife, a home manager and (everything else that I am), it can be difficult to balance it all. I am continually looking for inspiration from other mothers and Parenting on Trackers to give me a shift in perspective. I love reading about their successes, aha moments and even failures. It inspires me to tweak what I am doing. It helps me see where I am slipping up. This book puts it all together for me.

This book gives even those who have not taken the Parenting on Track classes encouragement to be better, to do better, to raise thinking kids. However, it is not an inexpensive replacement for the program. There is no replacement for the Parenting on Track Program. If you are looking for a great book of encouragement for parents, check out Vicki Hoefle's new eBook, Real Parents. Real Progress . If you are looking to start your own Parenting on Track journey look at the home program!


KDH said...

Hands down this is genuine stuff!!
Thank you Vicki and contributors for putting this together.
Kathy Haskell

Anna Palmer said...

I found the book inspirational too! Stories are such a wonderful way to remind us about what we are working towards! Thanks for sharing.

Michelle said...

I can't buy these e-books so I'm looking forward to her new book coming out in print soon!!! Yeah!!