Monday, February 7, 2011

As we can see it's been awhile. We've been through a lot here at our house. On Christmas I announced that I was pregnant. Unfortunately, that isn't the case anymore. Just thought you should all know. I deactivated my FaceBook account for a bit. I need to get some distance and perspective. I have been using it as a distraction. So here I am, hopefully back to blogging about all the wonderful things my family does!

In the mean time enjoy these videos and slides.


sherry carpet said...

s. i'm so sorry. thank you for coming back. you've been missed!

Kj Dell'Antonia said...

I have been there, a couple of times. Stillbirth and a miscarriage. I'm sorry. Don't be sorry you told people. It feels like it makes it harder, but in the end, it feels like it's still a part of your life if people know. XX.