Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Just Call Him Vinnie

We've had our fair share of difficulty here lately. First, 2 weekends ago the kids got sick. All with different things mind you. But they all went down at the same time. From Saturday night to Sunday morning I went from one child to the next, finally getting 2.5 hours of uninterrupted sleep at 4:30am. I was able to take a 2 hour nap late Sunday morning and ended up falling into bed at 7:30pm Sunday night. It was rough. Then we had a couple of relapses the beginning of last week.

I thought all of that was hard but it was nothing!

Yesterday I went through the hardest thing thus far. Yesterday morning all was going pretty well. Sweetie Heart had left for school and I became inspired to get things in order at my house. So I spent a couple of minutes signing up for FLY Lady emails again and put on my apron. Before I got to cleaning my sink I needed to start pita bread. Squeak was crawling around and has been loving climbing up the stool, so I offered it to him. I have very fond memories of Sweetie Heart and I cooking together and I thought it would be fun. So I pulled out the stool, put some flour on the counter and proceeded to get started.

He kept reaching for the sink and him leaning off the side of the stool to get there was making me nervous, so I pushed to stool in front of the double sink, handed him a measuring cup and a spoon and went on my marry way. There was stuff in the other side of the sink but I didn't think he would be able to reach any of it. I stepped out of the room for a minute to help Sweet Girl do something.

I heard the crash of a glass breaking, a thump of Squeak hitting the floor and a scream. I ran back into the kitchen to see his head near a large piece of broken glass. I prayed that he wasn't hurt. I quickly picked him up taking a quick glance to see if he was hurt. I took him out of the room and looked at the side of his face. That's when I noticed his ear lobe was cut open! I quickly put my had over his ear and held him tight. I asked Sweet Girl to hurry and get me a phone and called 911. They were quick to respond and even called Webby to tell him what was going on. The rescue squad took one look at him and said we needed to get to the hospital. I held a clean bandage to his ear and took a ride.

In the ER they nurses and doctors were great. They asked questions and helped. Asked me how I was doing. Since it wasn't critical, they wanted to wait until 1pm to sew him up because they needed to put him under for it so he wouldn't move around. So I held him with my hand on that bandage from somewhere around 10am until 1pm when they took him. My muscles were screaming last night while my heart was breaking for my sweet little boy. It took them 45 minutes to sew him up. His ear was cut from the lobe almost all the way to the top and almost all the way through. The doctor said if it had gone 2mm deeper his ear would have come off! The doctor didn't even count how many stitches, he just said there were lots. There were a bunch inside to sew the cartilage up, which my primary care doctor told me was in 3 pieces, and then the outside. He didn't put a bandage on it because he said Squeak would probably just try to pull it off.

Squeak is doing amazingly well. He was feeling pretty well last night ate dinner, crawled around and stuff. He went to bed at 7:30pm and slept through until 5:30 this morning. He's been his old self today. I was going to try carry him around all day today, but realized pretty early that wasn't going to work. That boy is a mover. I even found him climbing on that blasted stool again!

All in all he did great! He never freaked out (I kind of did.) He cried a bit but not as much as I expected. He was even clapping and trying to climb away while we waited in the ER for surgery.

You know what they say...Chicks dig scars.


Rachel said...

Oh, Sarah. I'm so glad he's okay. Kids are so resilient. And we're hoping chicks dig scars here, too. My three-year-old has two on his face!!

MidwifeMama said...

Wow, big hugs! So scary. There is something in the air, we had a lesser but similar day Monday - car broke down, 2 hours waiting for tow truck, 5 hours at the mechanic with H, finally got sent home with a loaner car, picked T up from friend's house - got home and he split his chin open on the kitchen counter. My DH brought home suture and anesthetic but T freaked out so much we ended up Crazy Glueing the wound shut. So no ER for us - but I can feel the energy it takes to summon up what you need to deal with the crisis, when you're already exhausted. He fell off the counter after climbing up to use the microwave, since he is encouraged to do it himself - banish the guilt!

Sarah said...

This mom stuff is hard! And honestly, I was encouraging him to learn new stuff. The guilt is the hard part for me. Doing better though.

Anonymous said...

Oh, Sarah.

I hate stitches. Middle child had a few a couple months ago on the eyebrow and I was so quick to just scoop her up and take her. When we got to the ER they asked me how it happened. I said, "I don't really know!" And Middle one said, after a long pause........"I fell.". Nice!!!
What do you do? I personally have had several sets as a child. Maybe it is more devastating for Mom.
Think of you often,


Kelly said...

Schmoopie! How scary! Now you know the difference between boys and girls :) . Just know, your next trip to the ER with him will be a little more relaxed and the next one will be even more's the nature of the, um.. boy! We were in the ER with Jake 4 times before he was 2 - I just knew DCFS was going to come and take him away. The staples and stitches I was able to shake off after a few days, but remember when he fell out of the window? Talk about guilt! Don't hang on to that - he loves you and even though he's little, he knows that you love him and would never let him get hurt on purpose. No guilt! Bumps, bruises, broken bones,and stitches are all part of growing up! <3 U!