Thursday, October 22, 2009


Yes, that was a squeal you heard! My BFF Vicki Hoefle came to my house yesterday!!

I stayed up extra late cleaning my house. And I got up extra early to make 2 different kinds of muffins. All about putting on a good show. Not really, I'd clean my house and make muffins for any of you if you'd come for a visit. I promise! But I do like to try to impress just a little. But let's face it, I have small children AND I live in an apartment. So even though I cleaned it was still a bit cluttered. But I don't think she cared much. Did you Vicki?

It was a great morning! We spent it getting to know each other better. You know, all of the history stuff...where are you from, what brought you here, yada, yada, yada. We talked about our kids and life. It was wonderful. Sweet Girl was a bit stand offish. Not a real big surprise. She gets like that around new people. Once she gets to know Vicki a bit better all bets will be off. And the real Sweet Girl will appear! Squeak was as cute as he always is. He's just the sweetest little boy. He slept, and she watched him. He slept some more and she picked him up. Then he started...well squeaking and groaning like he does. She just drank him in. We all do!


Liz McCoy said...

sounds like a marvelous time!!! Love your new pict on the blog sooo beautiful

Vicki said...

Hey There BFF. I did so love visiting with you AND your delightful babes. And, I will be coming over again as I mentioned. Once I feel at home, there is no stopping me. I do appreciate the muffins. They were yummy. I had them as a mid afternoon snack and they were just what the doctor ordered. Thanks again for sharing your most prized possessions with me - your babies. And give that beautiful red head of your's a special HI from me.