Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Under My Skin

So tomorrow is the big day! What day is that, you might ask.
The day I go under the knife! I would answer.

Yes, you heard right. I will be going up to the hospital to have gallbladder surgery. After 11 years of dealing with this problem, I'm going to deal with it once and for all. I'm going to have it out!

You might wonder why it has taken me so long or why I've had a change of heart about keep all the organs I was born with. Well, quite honestly, I'm just tired. Tired of waiting to see if I will have pain. Tired of wondering if this or that will affect me. Tired of having problems when I'm pregnant or not. Tired of the pain! Really. I've tried a lot of things to keep my gallbladder. Most hasn't worked, a couple of things worked for a little while. But now it is time.

The gallbladder attack prior to the birth of Little Squeak really did me in. I talked to a wonderful nurse who explained things well to me. For most people the gallbladder works fine. But for some, it causes illness. She told me I was only getting older and it was going to be more and more likely that I was going to have more problems in the future. Let's face it 11 years is a long time to deal with something. It's time to move on.

So here I am, getting ready for the first surgery of my life. This past month has been full of firsts. And here's another one. Although some might feel anxious about it, I'm actually excited to have it done. Okay maybe I have a bit of anxiety about it, but there is no fear. I am exactly at the place I'm supposed to be, being operated on by the person who is supposed to operate on me. The experiences I've had that have gotten me to this point have taught me much.

When I was in the hospital and deciding to have this surgery, I decided that I was going to be positive about the whole experience. As my BFF Vicki would say, "It is all about perspective." We can look at things as fair or unfair, positively or negatively. Everything has two sides. It is my choice which side I am going to pick. And with a positive attitude I had a great hospital experience. Everyone I came in contact with got the brunt of that positive attitude. And do you know what? When you are positive things work out. When you are positive others are receptive to your desires. God or the universe or whatever helps things work out for you.

Here's what happened to me. I came home from the hospital. The following week I called the surgeon's office to schedule my pre-op appointment. I was told by the surgeon that it could take awhile to get in. I was a bit surprised when I was offered an appointment for the following week. I was expecting to have to wait about 3 weeks to get into surgery. When I came to the pre-op appointment the surgeon remembered me and asked if I wanted to do it 5 days later. What?! It isn't his normal surgery day but he checked the schedule to see if there was space! Well, I wanted to get it done as quickly as possible but I didn't think it would be that soon. But as I have considered it, this actually works out the best. Webby will take a bit of vacation for the rest of this week and then my sister will be here all next week. So if I really need more time to recover, I have the help.

How's that for the power of positive thinking?! So let's all dwell of those things that lift us up and see the silver lining in every day, sunny or not. And let's give thanks back to the one who gives us everything and know we are loved and looked after.

Oh, and keep thinking positive thoughts about my easy surgery and quick recovery!


Lorilee said...

I hope you're recovering well. I love your positive thinking! It's a good lesson for all of us, no matter what stage in life we are in.
I hope you're back on your feet soon enough and resting thoroughly in the meantime. Yea!! for no more gall bladder pain! (I can relate)

Vicki said...

Hey Girl - HEY! This is, I am told, how you great one of your BFF's and since you referred to me in this post as that, well, Hey Girl! Hope you are recovering. Sending you love, prayers, and anything else you might need including visions of Haagen Das.

I am headed over to catch up on the other 2 blogs. Listen, for me, finding the time to sit and read and catch up with people I care about is a luxury. And today, I am making time to do just that. So, it is entirely possible that I will be commenting all OVER the place today.

Big Love,

Sarah said...

Vicki- Oh the visions of Haagen Das... That is exactly what I need to recover.