Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Facebook Ate My Blog

That witty title is given to you by Webby. And yes, it is true, I have let all of you down by focusing my attention on updating my status instead of blogging. I am so sorry. Can you ever forgive me?? I have sat down to blog several time, but something always happens. Most recently I couldn't get my video to upload so I didn't post. Lame.

So her it goes.
Sarah is trying to eat a runny egg sandwich while blogging.
Sarah is trying to upload a video to blogger without success.
Sarah is happy Sweet Girl is at least pretending to take a nap.
Sarah needs a nap.
Sarah...just kidding!

So a few weeks ago Webby was sitting at the computer. I was standing next to him talking. He looked at me and said, glancing at the computer to my un-updated blog, "Where is Sarah's Blog" in a very sing song voice. He told me he missed my updates. I looked back at him and said, "You here. Do you really think you need to read the updates of our life?" I guess he does. So in case he missed it, here it is.

Well, not really. I'll get to the wrap up post maybe someday. Suffice it to say we had a wonderful Christmas, without too much stuff. We spent the afternoon and evening with some friends, who are like family. New Years I was invited to a party by the teens of my church. Very funny that I am so popular with the teen crowd...now that I'm 34! I was never that popular when I was actually a teenager. But it was fun playing games, eating, and talking.

Sweetie Heart is doing great in school. She's reading at an upper 2nd grade level. She also loves math and is doing well with that too. She's still doing her art thing. She just loves it!! She was able to do an art day over Christmas break, which was a lot of fun for her!

Sweet Girl is doing well, too. She has suffered since birth from food allergies. At out appointment in the fall she had grown out of her egg allergy and the appointment this winter found that she is growing out of her dairy allergy! This is just amazing! She is really enjoying cheese for the first time and my life is so much easier. She is still allergic to nuts and sesame, but that's pretty manageable.

Webby has been moved for an electrical installer to the software department at work. In a time of layoffs, we are immensely grateful that he was able to move to a different department instead of being out of work. He is still in school and doing great with all that electrical learning. He just got back his midterm and got a 99%! Congrats Webby!!

I am me. Don't know what else to say. I'm here, being a mom and trying my best to be a better parent. I was working for awhile but with the economy they let me go. Which is fine by me. I was getting a bit frazzled working and it was only 1 day a week. What I learned, is that I'm not supposed to work right now. I am still loving it here in Little City. I have never been so happy. There really is a tremendous sense of community here and I love it! I am still volunteering up at the library. Sweet Girl is really the one in charge there. She's even befriended a widower who volunteers the same day we do. It's very cute seeing them together.

Sweetie Heart had a Christmas concert that Webby recorded on our camera, but I can't seem to get it to upload to Blogger. Someone tell me what I'm doing wrong! Because, really, you're missing out!

My cousin mentioned to me (on...ahem...Facebook) that she's been missing my Tip Tuesday. Can you believe that I actually forgot I was doing that! What is wrong with my brain. Let me guess...Facebook ate it!

So here it is

Tip Tuesday
Do you hate wasting plastic wrap? Do you hate the way it doesn't stick to things except itself? If you know anything about me, you will know that I make bread at least twice a week. I never have been able to do the "damp towel"thing. I almost always let the bread rise too long and then it sticks to said towel. I hate that!! So I was using plastic wrap, but that's a lot of plastic wrap and a pain to use. So here comes the tip.

Get a pencil...I'll wait.


I go to the dollar store. I go down the isle that has the shower curtains and stuff in it. And I buy a pack of 10-12 shower caps. They are just the cheap plastic ones. Probably not that great as shower caps but great to cover my bowls. I use them ans wash them. I'm able to use them over and over again. I can cover almost any bowl with them. Plus I cover my bread pans when the bread is rising in them too. I just pull it up a little, making a bag at the top over the bread. And if the bread over rises, no big deal. I can get it off with a spatula OR wait until it dries and it will fall right off.

I use them for everything! Bread dough, pie, bowls of salad or other leftovers. The best part to me is that when the elastic wears out or melt, in my case, I can just throw them away and I don't have to feel bad about it. I know the grocery store sells those multi sized ones, but I don't like those. Yes, they are a heavier plastic, but I don't have very many uses for the small ones and the big ones aren't really big enough and only give you one and they cost a couple dollars more. So there's my tip.

Hope it was all you were wanting and more!

Sarah is wiped out from blogging and needs a nap!


Liz McCoy said...

welcome back to the blogosphere! Sounds like you all have been thriving even though it seemed like you'd fallen of the face of the earth HAHAHA just kidding. But it is great reading all the great things going on.

love the tip that's a DUH moment for me hehehe.

Kelly said...

I'm so glad you're back! You really have to learn how to balance all these things!ha ha ha! Really, I just figured you were lost out in the snow somewhere and we'd hear from you when Spring got here!

becca said...

glad to have you back. why don't you upload to youtube and take it from there? we'd love to see the concert! you didn't mention how you got deathly ill after new year and sweetie heart pitched in. i love that story! no matter how much kids scream at us they love their mommies!

Gramma007 said...
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Gramma007 said...

You are Awesome! The way you come up with these helpful Tuesday Tips is wonderful.

I love reading your blog and keeping up with how everyone is doing.