Tuesday, November 4, 2008

What No Sticker?

Yes, I voted today. I won't say it was an exciting experience, but I'm blessed to have the opportunity to cast my vote. I've votes in a few presidential elections, I have yet to have my endorsement win, but that's not the point. The point is that I have a choice and I chose to make it!

Voting in this little city has been a very different experience. I've been in big cities and medium but all have been busy, until I came here. Yesterday, Webby went to vote because he wasn't going to able to get to the polls today. He overheard the office workers talk about what they expected for today: long lines, crabby people, supper busy because it's a presidential elections. The doors opened at 9am (but I think I saw a few people seek in early.) Seems like I remember earlier times in the bigger cities I've lived in. I moseyed over about 10:30 figuring if the lines weren't too long we'd wait, it warmed up a bit today. And if the lines were really long we'd come back (we live a block from the fire house, our official voting place.) The last presidential election I voted in we waited for 2 hours with Sweetie Heart at nap time and she was 3. Well, Sweet Girl and I walk up and there was no line. We walked in and there was one person getting his ballot. There were many other people filling out their forms, but it's all different here. There are no booths with curtains, no electronic voting machines. It's more like a small square table you can stand at that is partitioned into four. Our ballot is a simple scan tron sheet. That's it! No waiting, no mandated privacy, no sticker. What no sticker? Well, if I have to trade the sticker for the wait in line, I'll take it!


Kelly said...

I got a sticker. Ha Ha!

Liz McCoy said...

oh bummer no sticker but darn it no wait does seem worth the sacrifice LOL!!!

have sweetie heart make you a sticker :)

Anonymous said...

I do it just for the sticker! (Though Starbucks was giving free coffee out if you voted and Krispy Kreme was giving doughnuts......)

Cousin Jen

Jen said...

Our polls in the town next door opened at 7:00...whatsup Little City?