Saturday, October 6, 2007


It's been a tough week. and seeing as I haven't told anyone about this blog, no one will probably read this. So what nobody knows is that I was pregnant, But now I'm not. I'm not even sure how to get through this. This was an unexpected pregnancy. Not unwanted though. I was actually hoping that I would get pregnant unexpectedly. Both of the girls took awhile to get pregnant with. There was a lot of pain waiting to get pregnant with each of them. So this time, like I said, it was a pleasant surprise. But after only not even 8 weeks I miscarried. I was having a tough time realizing that I was pregnant and not I'm having a tough time letting it go. I'm eating to hide the pain. Not such a good idea, but it's a coping mechanism I used for a long time. So how do I deal with the loss and how do I know when to try again.

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